Celebrity News Lie of the Week: Brad & Jen Hook Up!

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Seriously, Star ought to start publishing itself as fan fiction.

According to the venerable celebrity gossip tabloid, whose writers really need a raise, after making secret plans for a 1 a.m. rendezvous, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston got together at a New York City hotel and spent two hours - alone!

In a "blockbuster exclusive" - which is pretty easy to snag when you make up the story - Star reveals, thanks to a tell-all interview with the driver who brought Jen to the Gramercy Park Hotel, that the ex-couple went to great lengths not to be seen.

This explains why there were no photos of Jen and Brad together ... just a cover featuring two separate photos made to look like they were together.

Hilarious Jen and Brad Cover

"It was well planned so no one would see them," says the anonymous driver, who claims that the pair spent more than two hours alone together in the back of the Gramercy's nearly deserted 18th floor Private Roof Club and Garden.

"They were really careful not to be spotted."

This isn't the first time Brad has engaged in a made-up rendezvous concocted by Star Magazine that ended with him getting to see Jennifer Aniston nude.

They were not even remotely shuttled around New York City in a black SUV on April 23, sipping Starbucks and chatting in separate cities with other people.

Knowing how Angelina Jolie reacted when she first caught Brad talking to Jen on the phone recently, insiders say she's not going to be happy about this.

Well, she probably be wouldn't if it were true anyway.

"When Angelina finds out about this reunion, she'll go ballistic," says a fictitious source, assessing the situation with great expertise and wisdom.

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Tanya M - This photo shoot broke up Jen and Brad's marriage by the way, so I don't know what to think of them. Jen's famuos comment about Brad missing his sensitivity chip was because he did this while they were still married.


I think cookin' up a story is not the best joke one can crack today.Media should take on this.


I think cookin' up a story is not the best joke one can crack today.Media should take on this.


brad and jen are just the greatess together;i never did see brad so happy when they were together. all i seen when he waswith jolie was a very unhappy couple. i think brad will never truely get over jen. i would love to see them together again


She should never have broken up Brad and Jen- I wish her all the agony and heart ach she caused Jen to be trippled upon her.


Jolie??? She lied repeatedly about having an affair with him. Then used children to re-invent her crazy self and the American public bought it. The craziest is Brad for falling for her self centered crazy self. Remember her own father told the world that she has problems...though not necessary. She wore blood around her neck.


i love it


Lol!! I've seen this movie before.. but Aniston was still Aniston-Pitt.. I wouldn't be too surprised if Jolie-Pitt became Jolie again.. Just.. I hope it doesn't happen!!


Wish the media would move on.