Celebrity Hair Affair: Kristen Stewart

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As she reportedly considers a choice between Robert Pattinson and Michael Angarano, Kristen Stewart stopped at a salon.

The Twilight star chopped off half her black locks in preparation for her role as Joan Jett in The Runaways.

What do you think of the new look?

Kristen Stewart either hates her haircut or being photographed. Maybe both.

Check out more photos of Stewart below. Click on each photo for a larger version...

  • Shorter 'Do
  • No Smile
  • Shorn Hair
  • Very Short Haircut
  • Like Joan Jett

[Photos: Fame Pictures]

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i love kristen stewart but i dont love this ......................sigh.........................


don't people know its a WIG.Why would she chop off all of her hair when she playing bella in twilight.


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She would look better if she wasn't wearing a noticeable bulky wig. She would like beautiful in long silky straight hair or nice bouncy long length curls.


omg, she look so...... :S


I am truly sorry for posting this but she looks stoned and she
looks horrible the only thing i like about it is the hair colour black coz its my fav colour


Kristen Stewart is now one of my favorite actresses, because of her role in Twilight as Bella Swan. She actually shows her emotions more thoroughly without being over the top. Now she playing the part of Joan Jett is awesome. She looks great with the new hair color.


am sorry but she looks awful


Like her hair before better, but it doesnt look that bad.
I think she will do a good job stop dissing her.


I'm the only person on earth not to have seen Twilight, so I don't know anything about her acting. As far as capturing Joan Jett's image from back in the day, I think she has...thought it was JJ when I first glanced at the photo.

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