Celebrity Hair Affair: Kristen Stewart

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As she reportedly considers a choice between Robert Pattinson and Michael Angarano, Kristen Stewart stopped at a salon.

The Twilight star chopped off half her black locks in preparation for her role as Joan Jett in The Runaways.

What do you think of the new look?

Kristen Stewart either hates her haircut or being photographed. Maybe both.

Check out more photos of Stewart below. Click on each photo for a larger version...

  • Shorter 'Do
  • No Smile
  • Shorn Hair
  • Very Short Haircut
  • Like Joan Jett

[Photos: Fame Pictures]

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I Luv the hair alot!!! It's unique. I love to see that change in her. All wavy and short layers its great for her!


Kristen's a brilliant actress, and it shows her dedicated to her work, she could have easily worn a wig.


she looks...... so... I DONT KNOW, i dont like her hair cut and her clothes SHE LOOKS GOTTIC!! I HER FAN BUT IS JUST MY OPINION!!! XD


Woooooo!!! I think she look great really
the hair cut, the color, everything
even she looks like having the actitude
let see what happens


i love it i have the same hair color and cut i love u kristen u are gorgeous and we drees the same.. fuck yeah how will know that


I think its a good look for her. Its different. I dont care why she did it, be it for a movie or bc she wanted a change. I think the new look gives her definition. before, i thought she looked well normal. blah. now she looks totally different. she doesnt look like everyone else out there. I think its a great look. I dont know what this whole joan jett thing is but i dont care. either way its awesome!


I think she looks great. Maybe not in this particular picture. Hey, everyone gets caught off guard in photos but if you look at the other photos on zimbio and other websites... then she looks great! She'll do amazing as Joan Jett!


i think that kristen will play an amazing joan jett.
but i really dont think this look is for her.
it looks greasy and gross.


Okay, her hair is horrible, its not a popular style now. Just cause you like her doesn't mean you have to like her hair. It isn't in style, it is horrible. Her wavy brown tresses were much better and gorgeous! I'm sure it wouldn't hurt Kristen Stewarts feelings if anyone said her hair looked ugly because its an outdated style that she donned for a movie role. And it is so ugly.


I don't like her hair at all. Sorry I am like a girly girl. Being captain of the cheer squad and student council president, I say that her hair is a no.

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