Celebrity Fashion Face-Off: Rihanna vs. Beyonce

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The ever-changing world of Rihanna fashion knows no boundaries.

Contrasted with some of her recent outfits (and hairstyles), this is pretty vanilla ... at least as much as something can be when you are talking about Rihanna.

She opted to skip pants (no complaints from Drake) to wear this Matthew Williamson jacket as a dress, while Beyoncé paired the leather coat with a pale dress.

So who wins this fashion clash, B or RiRi? Tell us below!


Who wore this better?


rihanna roced this out fit better than beyonce in so much ways...beyonce mite look a lil better but who iz rocin out in music,clothes and the cutest couple....riri i luv u maybe,,,,sponatneous not beyonce pllzzzz cum better


somhow rihanna looks like a hoe, i dont know why but she just does and beyonce just looks so beautiful, bey doesnt try hard thats why i love her style:))


JEEZ! Both equally have their own style. I say they both look good in their own way. Although Beyonce is the prettiest overall, without question.Beyonce is stunning!!


beyonce tottaly wore it better. rihanna is a big loser and soo damn ugly she looks so messed up without chris brown. but chris brown does not want her ugly ass anymore. beyonce thats my girl. go girl.

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