Carrie Prejean Fires Back, Attacks Pageant Officials for Playboy Offer

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Carrie Prejean has earned respect, from a certain segment of the population, for speaking her mind.


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    One last thing. Sig, get your facts straight. "Homos" as you call us love women and think they are beautiful, at least a lot of us do. I cannot tell you how many women have spent hours shopping with me and told me about all of their husband's shortcomings.


    Dale Clark looks like a loonie to me. Hopefully this person doesn't own a gun.


    I applaud Carrie for her character and wish great success. We obviously cant say the same for Trump and Hilton question: why are there homos judging a lady beauty contest in the first place???? They hate women ! Why are they even allowed in the organization???


    It is very obvious from your article that you agree she should have been axed. Personally, I think you are bias and I support Carrie 100%. What's your stand on the hate-filled assult that Perez and Monaker took on her? Call that unbiased? I think the pagent wanted to distance themselves from appearing to discriminate against her for her religious views and just added up their assults on her until they believe you, the "media" (and I do use that word loosely) would be on their side. Finny thing, though. I think all of you were already there!! Shame on you. She answered honestly and fiarly. Was she supposed to have lied to be politically THAT the only way to win these days? Silly game. I won't watch any more of the pagents, that's for sure.


    1. Prejean is a lier, an immature, and nothing but good at playing the innocent game with her not so innocent cards.

    2. She is practicing her freedom of speach, why can't gay & lesbian practice their right to get marry?


    Miss CA...Who would want to be a puppet for immorality. CA's become a cesspool of perversion. Carrie, they're right, you don't fit the bill. Next year CA will be voting to legalize marriage between a man and his dog.


    God has ordained and orginated marriage between a man and woman not man and man or woman and woman. Ge 2:24 Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Ro 7:2 For the woman who has a husband is bound by the law to her husband as long as he lives. But if the husband dies she is released from the law of her husband. Carrie is right on with the truth. Any other marriage is rejected and condemned by God as is clearly stated in Romans chapter 1. Carrie I rejoice with you that you have been accounted worthy to suffer for the Lords sake since God sanctioned marriage between man and woman I hope you are rejoicing because you are blessed when you are reviled and persecuted for righteousness sake, rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven Mat 5:11. I'm with you all the way Dean, not stupid and Dale Clark.


    She is a liar and has been lying from the start.
    She cares about nobody but herself and she got exactly what she deserved. Now,I wonder how she is going to pay back the money to the Miss USA orginazation? That's right if you are removed all money, prizes and crown have to be returned.
    Now Carrie better hurry if she wants to tell more trash to the public because she only has about 12 minutes left.


    Carrie is a spoiled, self-centered little girl who has used her physical beauty to seduce, cajole, or demand from others the financial and ego benefits she wants for herself. She needs to grow up.

    If she demands that ALL notices of incoming offers be forwarded to her, she can't act indignant and self-righteous and complain about the types of offers that appear. I suspect Playboy as a matter of business sends offers to pose to any news-worthy female with the proper attributes.

    It would be interesting to see a list of recent offers made by Playboy and the dollar amount of the offers.

    Now Carrie is free to negotiate with Playboy for more money, star in a movie where she can pose topless for Jesus, and look for other poor naive suckers who will be so enthralled by her image (artificial as it may be) they will fawn over her until age and gravity show her who is boss.


    This was retaliation 4 her honest answer.they tried 2 fire her 4 racey pics, but Lewis approached her about posing 4 playboy. Can u say HYpPOCRIT?
    Y hasn't there been any backlash at Perez (the super HOMO queen) 4 the HATE-FILLED INTOLERENT COMMENTS HE HAS MADE ABOUT CARRIE?

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