Caroline Manzo: Danielle Staub is a Liar, Has No Morals

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey concluded its first season last week with an epic fight in which Danielle Staub was labeled a "prostitution whore," among other things, while nearly having a table flipped onto her by an enraged Teresa Giudice.

The classy ladies will reunite Tuesday night on Bravo for a post-mortem. In anticipation of the drama to come, Caroline Manzo and Danielle Staub spoke out separately to discuss their feud. All the N.J. wives seem to feud with Danielle.

Where They Stand

Caroline Manzo: She’s invisible to me. I never had a relationship with her and I will never have a relationship with her. She’s a pathological liar. She is manipulative. She is an opportunist. She has no conscience. She has no morals.

Danielle Staub: If you’re going to call me a pathological liar, challenge me. I’m a human being, and on the inside my heart aches just like theirs. Just because there’s so many of them that doesn’t mean that their pain is more important than mine.

Who Is Lying?

Danielle Staub: I have a big problem with Caroline. I think that she’s a big bully. She’s lying. And I don’t understand her motives. Protecting your sister is one thing, but what exactly are you protecting her from?

Caroline Manzo: A lot of people are upset with me for “lying for my sister.” I didn’t lie for my sister. That’s not who I am. And there’s no truth to that at all. If Dina showed that book, I would have let her fight her own battle. So, Danielle, sorry to disappoint you.

Bringing Up "The Book"

Caroline Manzo: At [my son] Albie’s graduation party we found out this book exists and immediately we went to the computer in the office and we Googled it. We read an excerpt from the contents and we were blown away. The next day, I went to the library and I got the book. Dina and Jacqueline knew I was going, and we got back to my house and read it together and had tremendous concerns.

Danielle Staub: They would not give me the chance to talk about it, and I thought [bringing the book to dinner] was the only way to get them to pay attention. They were running around even with that book laying there. If I hadn’t put it there, it never would have been addressed. It was the strongest way to say, “I have you all in one room and like it or not, the cameras are going to see that.”

Is Danielle Staub Dangerous?

Danielle Staub: Really? Was it my father-in-law that was killed and shoved into a trunk? I’m dangerous? I knew about this through the whole show. I didn’t bring it up once. I’m classy. [But] let’s talk about what’s really dangerous here. I’d like to hear about the two siblings that they haven’t talked to in a decade - why they made their wives so uncomfortable that their own brothers won’t even speak to them. But I’m the one who caused trouble in that family? Don’t point the finger at me, ’cause I’m not sitting back anymore.

Caroline Manzo: People say, “Well, why didn’t you go to her?” Because that reputation preceded her. The woman we knew was incapable of telling the truth. After screaming and arguing for days and days, we made a decision not to tell Danielle that we know [the book] exists. If we play dumb, it can’t come back to haunt us. And that’s the decision we made as a family.

What About the Kids?

Caroline Manzo: The true Danielle is in those very last moments of that footage [from the final episode]. That is the true unfiltered Danielle, with that cigarette. And who is her audience? Her children. Making pizza and climbing a rock wall don’t make you a great parent. Her children are well-behaved, well-mannered and they excel in school. But if you look at her children, they have a haunted look in their eyes. These children are paying the price for her irresponsibility.

Danielle Staub: My children were present [for the confrontation] for a very good reason. I not once used an obscenity. I not once started screaming at anybody. I not once tossed a table, or flipped out and banged my hands, or started pacing around. I was just sitting firm, waiting for my right of passage, so to speak. Did I put a burden on [my children]? Did I bring the book out? Were [the Manzo sisters] thinking of my kids? Was it me that put my kids in this position?

NOTE: No word on the "position" Danielle may or may not be in during the sex tape Steve Zalewski is thinking about selling at some point.


CONGRATS TO DANIELLE!!! HAIL TO THE QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY... The only housewife who had a brain and did NOT sound like a trained ROBOT aka Caroline/Dina/Jaqcueline/Dina!!! CONGRATS TO DANIELLE!!!


Am I the only one who just cannot stand Caroline Manzo? I know that Danielle is crazy, but I think that Caroline is mean, manipulative, vindictive, and conniving. Watching her last night on the reunioun show was almost disturbing. Am I way off?


Who's the biggest liar....Danielle. If you check the actual court documents, you'll find she was an escort, cokewhore and actually made actual phone calls threatening to beat and kill the person she had helped kidnap! She's obviously a pathalogical liar. I wouldn't trust her.


I'm amazed these Manzo Mafia skanks can sit there and act so holier-than-thou! They are frightening people. You can see pure evil in thier eyes. Caroline's dog-training best friend, by the way, is the disgraced NY Police Chief that was originally offered the position to head up Homeland Security, but declined, since he knew he was guilty of accepting bribes from a New Jersey construction company. (Theresa's husband's?) My uncle, who was a bover back in the '50's, was killed be the NJ mafia for not throwing a fight. Anyone remotely associated with the mob makes me sick! These scumbag bitches don't deserve a stage like this. Danielle is scum too, but where does this Caroline get off? At least Carmela Soprano is somewhat attractive!


Danielle is awful..... but Caroline and Dina are sleazy, if not MORE SO. Danielle got her hands dirty, but Dina and Caroline live of the profits of their hubbies business connections, tell us again, who co-owned the Brownstone???
What's worse? The whore doing the crime or the hypocritical whores taking profits from crimes men do and then attacking another woman? Hypocritical scumbags.
Caroline & Dina attacking strippers while Caroline smiles about her dimwit son running a strip club one day? What's good for the goose is good for the gander, curse your sons to be eaten alive by younger, meaner versions of Danielle one day!


my heart goes out to the manzo family. i am glad jacqeline has seen the light. how awful
what dan. said about albert father. she showed how immoral she is and she is too
stupid to see it!!! the reunion really showed how dense she is!!!!PAY ATTENTION.


Danielle is a triffling columbian marching powder PRO!!!!. she is looking for her next 15 minutes of fame. it is sad that those two girls she calls her best friends need a mother more than a need an over-grown pal with an uncontollable sex drive.


Danielle is effing crazy. She is the most annoying person on television, how and the hell did she even get on the show? She is not a "Housewife". I knew she was nuts, but when she called Jaquelin to talk about her whole Steve situation, that just confirmed it. I mean, she basically just invited herself over to talk about Herself. And when they told her the truth, she gets offended? And don't even get me started on her looks. She is NOT a good looking person. She looks like an anorexic senior citizen with her saggy skin and frozen face. Her face is soooooo gross. Everything from her eyebrows to her nose. Disgusting. I really hope she is not on the next season. But considering her scandal, Im sure she will be. Ugh. ♥


At the end of the day, Caroline is a liar. She lied for her sister and Jacqueline blew it up so she continues to backtrack and tries to manipulate the situation. Were they thinking of Danielle's kids when they went to show the book around town? Nope. They are not innocent in this situation and atleast Danielle seems like a real chick unlike the fake ass family.

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