Audrina Patridge Burger Ad Makes Mouths Water

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Audrina Patridge makes mouths water on The Hills ... well, sort of.

Depends on what she wears or how much makeup she uses. Still you get the point - and you are certainly going to be hungry for something after reading this.

Just Audrina

She's certainly heating up ad campaigns off the set - first for Divine Rights of Denim jeans, then posing as a sexy PETA angel, and now, chowing down on Carl's Jr. new Teriyaki Six Dollar Burger, available at the chain this month.

Mmm. Processed, low-grade ground beef ...

Now that's how to sell a $6, fast food burger in a down economy.

"I had an absolute blast shooting. It was my first experience shooting a spot with food, and I was literally salivating looking at all the perfect burgers waiting for me!" Audzo recalls of the sandwich, which looks better on her than Justin-Bobby.

"I was cracking up because I would take a bite," she added. "And almost immediately a food handler with white gloves would have a brand new burger ready."

Audrina Patridge, 24, shot the ad, which debuts June 24, in a barely-there gold bikini on the beaches of Malibu in April but didn't mind the minimal wardrobe:

"We made sure my bikini was reversible, in case of any ketchup or teriyaki mishaps! It was a great experience. Being on the beach in Malibu was an added perk."


check this out then :)


check this out then :)


To 'hownowbrowncow', so your saying that if you have a pet you absolutely have to be vegetarian?! The peta ad was for adopting pets instead of buying them. She never said you should be a vegetarian. et your facts striaght before you start critisizing her!


I would like to try that burger,Yummmm


What a hottie!!


You can't truly love animals and eat them. There's too much cruelty that happens to bring that meat to your table. You just, can't. Hate to break it to you. Sorry.


STOP HATING ON AUDRINA!!! SHE'S MAKING MONEY AND WORKING IT. SHE DID THE AD FOR PETA ON adoption. She NEVER said she didnt eat meat. Get your facts straight and get a job losers. Audrina has worked hard on the HILLS for yeears and has made a name for herself so stop the hating and go out and do something for yourself. GO AUDRINA AND CARL'S JR.


So she shilled for PETA...and now she's putting it out there for Carl's Burger?
How are you going to support animal rights with PETA & then chow down on a burger & still look yourself in the eye the next day?


If you are going to steal from, you should credit the site.


urm is it just me or does is she a TOTAL hypocrite for shooting an ad for PETA and then for a beef burger???! wtf?!

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