Ashley Greene Sort of Hints at Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart Romance

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When it comes to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart romance rumors, this one is a stretch. We admit it.

But curious fans that read between the lines might be anxious to see what Ashley Greene said about her gorgeous co-stars. When asked by E! News if Pattinson and Stewart make a great couple, she didn't take the bait.

Red-Haired Hunk

"Sure! I mean they make a great couple onscreen," she said.

Pressed for more, Greene had the following to say about her friends:

"They're great. They're both really chill."

Hmmm, given the opportunity to set the dating record straight and shoot down all talk about Pattinson and Stewart as a couple, Greene did not do so. Read whatever you'd like into that.

Ashley Greene is less shy about her breasts than she is about dating rumors surrounding her co-stars.

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THERE'S NOTHING TO READ IN THAT she didnt mean anything


why now are the cast not uses no she has a boyfriend beauses she is not with MA. He has not been seen in a while a week now. You people remmber he would be with her more and say thing like no were are still toghter. Come on if they were one of them would say no to this storys. She has not been were the ring he gave her. So far no castmember has said MA name to stop the storys. I think here and rob are seeing if it can be more then gost friends. When she said no to mary MA I think he know it was over and rob and her were in.


Okay, she always got something to say about Rob..."how bad he's got it" and "poor kid" things like that but a simple "no" or "idk" would suffice. Billy Burke said it was "b*llsh*t" about them dating she could've said the same thing. I think they're dating or I should say I wish with all my HERAT that they were.


Sounds like she is a bit volube in regards to her cast mates. She's a hottie nonetheless. I see two reasons why I like her so much LOL!


Ashely never seems to have a problem talking about her RP. She talks of his fears, the car he drives, etc. I was starting to think she was his spokesperson LOL I totally get why she wouldn't want to respond to that question (not her business), but she does have a tendancy to talk about the other cast members.


nahh she's just stating the obvious as they do make a good onscreen couple there's nothing really to read into tbh.


How about it's not her place to confirm or deny? I'm sure she doesn't consider herself Kristen and Rob's spokesperson.

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