Celebrity Feud of the Day: Al Roker vs. Speidi!

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Spencer and Heidi Pratt made an unlikely new enemy in Al Roker, who had the misfortune of interviewing the gruesome twosome on Monday's Today show.

The Hills stars were grilled on their recent stint on NBC's I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, which they left for good after an extremely tumultuous week.

The once-portly weatherman couldn't hide his disdain.

After Heidi danced around a question of whether she was proud of her conduct on the show, Roker cut her off sternly: "No [the question is], are you proud of this?"

Al also told "villain" Spencer that most people think he's more like a "jerk."

After the interview, Roker continued to go off on Speidi via Twitter.

"Heidi and Spencer are an interesting couple. famous for... being infamous," he wrote. "Bad and vacuous behavior. I think we're at minute 11 of their 15."

Always one to make sure he gets the last word, Spencer Pratt hit back on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show this morning with this hilarious response:

"Was the weatherman asking questions? I thought we were getting interviewed by Matt Lauer. We were thrown off that the weatherman was even trying to talk to Speidi."

His wife also had some choice remarks.

Heidi Montag complained that Roker didn't even thank them afterward.

"I was shocked at how rude he was," she said. "I was crying because I felt personally attacked because he was yelling and saying, 'Do you feel proud of this?'"

The future Playboy model added, "I felt like saying, 'Do you feel proud of what you're saying [to us]?' I'm a young woman and you’re coming at me so mean-spirited."

"He just made it uncomfortable and an awful experience."

"I wouldn't be interviewed by him again. I'd advise women to be careful around him because I feel like he definitely attacked me and I didn’t deserve that at all."

Not overdramatic at all. Maybe Al and David Letterman can commiserate over drinks sometime. Here's the video of Roker's interview with Speidi ...


haha like lauer would waste his time with you two boneheads when everyone knew the weatherman was going make you look stupid with such ease. i would even bet that the today show cast drew straws to see who was going to get to have all the fun at your expense. nice incoherent ramble about not being an actor and choosing to be the villain. huh? what exactly were you trying to say besides "i'm an emptyheaded, moronic a$$hole!" ? you fail, dude.


They're used to being interviewed by the likes of Ryan Seacrest who don't really ask REAL questions. Being interviewed by Al Roker was a step up from Seacrest.


I'm still looking for the yelling that Al Roker supposedly did. Maybe Heidi hears voices or something...


Interesting: Spencer thinks that pointing out Al Roker as the "weatherman" somehow makes his case look better. Hello, earth to idiot: the Today Show didn't respect you enough to have anyone else interview you. You're lucky you didn't get interviewed by the production assistant. At the end of the day, Al has a CAREER and a life, whereas you're 15 minutes of fame keeps hitting the snooze button.


I love Al Roker!!!! This just shows how class-less Speidi is.


Courtini I agree. The more attention they are given the more they flourish. I know for one I am quite tired of hearing about them but to Heidi's defense I must say I feel quite sorry for a potentially nice girl who is being exploited by a greedy husband. Unfortunatley, she will learn the hard way when she falls and I'm afraid this is going to happen. One can only hope she will see it coming before it happens and run fast. Seems like she has a good family to fall back on. Once the spotlight is gone so will Spencer.


Roker shouldn't be wasting his time on them anyway. If people quit interviewing them, they will disappear!

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