Adam Lambert: Perez Hilton Has a Crush on Me!

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Fortunately, it does not appear to be reciprocal. We're big fans of Adam Lambert, and advocates of gay marriage. We're just anti-marrying Perez Hilton.

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    perez is fortunate if lambert does as much as talk to him


    First,i'm tottaly aginst the "Homosexual marriage" thing,because it's absloutly aginst the nature no one,i do believe, were born like that
    Second,WHO DA HELL IS THAT PEREZ HILTON to have a crush on Adam? Have you taken a look at him?i mean perez...just take a closeer look and u will throw him with tommatoes,bottatoes and with any thing can be thrown.....

    Thierd,I still can't believe that Adam is gay,i don't know i just can't...i've have heared him saying it out loud,bit i still don't believe it
    Fourth,What da hell does he likes about men any way? ladies are much much much hotter,don't u agree?

    Fifth,I LOOOOVE ADAM LAMBERT SOOOOO DAMN MUCH and if that so called perez hilton won't stay away from him i will KILL HIS FAT ASS...Hard,painfully and slowly ,i will let him know how does it feels to miss with my baby Adam

    God bless u ADAM and pleas take a second thought about the "Gay" thing it's just so not u.....


    Adam is too hott for that loud mouth fat azz Perez. What a cry baby. He is holding up a concert because of his bull.
    I like Adam, I dont care if he is gay, he is one sexy dude.


    I doubt that Adam has any problem getting a date!


    Who doesn't have a crush on Adam?


    Ha, Ha! I love Adam! He plays rough! Perez Hilton and Clay Aiken will think twice before engaging him again! He'd make a fine political strategist. Hit me, I hit back harder.


    Sorry, Perez you're too ambitious. Adam definitely will not have a crush on you. If others can't have a crush on you, how much more the "Star of the World". stop dreaming!!!!
    ADAM is hot!!!


    OK...there is NO WAY that Perez could have Adam. OMG this goes against the grain of all the glittering universe! Perez aint all bad he's fun, and wicked, and and a gossipy bench, yeah, and lets just put it on the table - he's like ten thousand years less evolved than His Hotness and no extreme makeover will cover that fact. (I know Adam will find true love. If he can want it, he can have it.)


    Adam run! Perez is crazy and just use you! RUN ADAM!


    adam is so hot, i love him and i dont care if de is gay.... he is so sexy

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