Adam Lambert Gets Goofy

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It's been a big week for Adam Lambert.

While the official announcement of his sexual orientation has received a bulk of the publicity, the American Idol finalist was also honored on Sunday night with the Young Hollywood Artist of the Year award.

We've already posted a few photos from the event, but now we've come across a lot more of the singer getting goofy for the cameras.

In fact, Lambert appears to be doing his best Edward Cullen impression on the red carpet. Correct us if we're wrong, Twilight fans, but this is director Catherine Hardewicke that's on the receiving end of Adam's luscious lips, right?

More goofy Adam Lambert poses follow. Click on each photo for a larger version of it:


He looks matter what he does! He even looks good asleep! He's one fine piece of work!


He can get goofy with me anytime. I'd like to be a greeen snake, or maybe a butterly! Go Adam!


When are you going to have Adam on your cover???


Maybe Adam could star in the next Twilight! He could suck the blood of men and women! I'm there!


Yes, that is Catherine. Love her.


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