Will Nadya Suleman Get Plastic Surgery?

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Nadya Suleman is not too proud to accept handouts.

In fact, the fertile one is all for it. She's accepted donations for her newborns, sold family photos, applied for food stamps, enlisted free nannies she later fired for being spies and sponged off taxpayers in countless other ways.

Octomom From Behind

But she's drawing the line at plastic surgery. But only because she doesn't feel she needs it - otherwise, what's another $20,000 for the public to pick up?

"I would never even accept a tummy tuck even if it were offered because I don't need it," Octomom nobly told Radar Online. "I'm actually shocked myself at my own body ... my goal is to do things as naturally as possible."

Except for being artificially inseminated with 14 frickin' kids, that is.

Although Octomom says she's had "absolutely no time to do anything yet," she is convinced that she'll eventually get back into top shape on her own.

"I would like to join a gym," she says without explanation of how she would pay for the membership (or a nanny to watch her kids) on her $0 salary.

"My friends nicknamed me 'Rubberband' because after every [child] I had, I was back to a size 2 in a month. Now, it's three months, and I'm not a 2 yet. I'm a 5 or 6, but I'll get there. I like to be small because I have extraordinary energy."

Wait ... Nadya Suleman has friends?

While she has no plans to go under the knife, Suleman did add without irony that she is feeling compelled to provide for her children.

"What's going on now is that I feel obligated - almost compelled - to earn a living to take care of my kids," she says.

By whoring them out on a reality show, natch.


Well, she said ALMOST compelled.


You gotta love it that her mom says Nadya doesn't want anyone to come to the hospital to see her. Now I just wonder why? No wait a minute I know why, she doesn't want any witnesses to the plastic surgery she is having. She will go on lying about fibroid removal and then when the swelling goes down some she will tell the world she was in so much pain and so sick that she lost a gazillion pounds while in the hospital. What a waste of oxygen.


check this out then http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... xx


"my goal is to do things as naturally as possible". Does she not realize that "natural" and "artificial" - as in insemination - are complete opposites??? Ok, maybe it wasn't possible to get pregnant naturally, but there is nothing natural about getting pregnant artificially six times when you have no means of support and no partner to help raise your brood. "What's going on now is that I feel obligated - almost compelled - to earn a living to take care of my kids". Now? Finally? Not after the first SIX? Most people feel complelled (totally; not almost) to take care of their kids BEFORE having their first!!!


everything she says is a lie. She claims her lips have nott been enlarged, that is was/is due to water retention from pregnancy and that is just absurd. She would get a tummy tuck and anything else in a heartbeat, in fact that may be what she's going in the hospital for ... since her stupid story about a myomectomy removing half her uterus because Doctor's suspected 'precancerous' cells... was proven to be an absurd lie (and then she had to confess she 'exaggerated'/um, flat out lied she should have said)...one has to wonder what she's really getting done in the hospital. I'm becoming convinced this woman is a psychopath. She attempts to control everyone around her with constant lies. And for supposedly being such a loving Mother those are the most unhappy bunch of kids I've seen in a looooooonnnng time. Truly disturbing how aggressive and angry they are. I can only imagine what has gone on in that household behind closed doors.


Natural born liar is the only thing I have seen natural.Size 2?
HA I think you have 14 OTHER things to think about instead of yourself.Duh, You are supposed to get the man before the kids.
Surf on, you're not going to find much love out here.


So Nadya, you are surfing the web and you do know how much most of America despises your saggy boobed, fat lipped, pathological lying butt.

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