Why Kris Allen Should Win American Idol

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As Adam Lambert has been singing his socks off, and his heart out, for weeks on American Idol, our staff has been singing the praises of this unique contestant.

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    America! What is wrong with you people!
    Why did you not vote Adam Lambert the winner? It is clearly evident, even to us 'hillbillies' in New Zealand that he should have won. He has been the most consistent entertainer since the season began. He truly deserved the recognition of winning.


    Kris Allen didn't deserve to win. His fans cheated by power texting. I demand a revote


    How the hell can some one so crap win, will I guess that's you yanks, you just don't have a clue what the fuk is going on.


    I don't give a damn about Adam Lambert. I cannot stand that annoying yelling he does. First, I was rolling on the floor when he thought he could sing like Aerosmith. Sure he is talented and he can sing better than me but he always sings the same way and Kris is more versatile. There are tons of rockers from the 80's that blow Lambert away. Cinderella for example and Axle Rose. He will never be a great one and who gives a damn that he lost. Kris Allen rules!


    adam iam so pred of you even you didn't win. but the whole world knew that you are the win. great gob and all the best in the future.


    KRIS ALLEN JUST WON AMERICAN IDOL....1st to announce..haha!


    I vote for Kris (not because I feel sorry for him) because I like his style of music. I think you are wrong for saying his votes would come from pitty. Kris has his style and Adam has his. However the votes go does not really matter they are both stars. AI had very good talent this year. I felt last year was a little boring but this year rocked.


    hey guys who is the winner i like adam because that is the best of the world he bro take care you are the best


    Starting to look like the CLAY/RUBEN finale!...With all the people stating all the wrong reasons they have to vote for Kris remember this is American Idol and NOT American CHRISTIAN Idol... Should Kris win:...You people are just more and more making Kris looking like he unfairly STOLE the crown from Adam more than that he won! NO GLORY ON WINNING WHEN WINNING IS MOSTLY BASED ON PREJUDICIAL,BIGOTS,BIASED AND PITY VOTES!...People who are voting for Kris for the wrong reasons should have SHUT UP about it!


    If Kris wins, he will just disappear after a while. He has talent, but just for ballads. One can take just so many of those. He can get boring. Adam, on the other hand has it all. You never know what he'll do; he keeps you guessing. And to listen to his voice, with the different ranges he has..I can listen to him sing the same songs over & over again & marvel at his range. He deserves the title of American Idol, for he truly is one. Vote for Adam.

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