Who Would You Rather: Cougar Edition!

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Julia Roberts and Kelly Ripa each have three children.

But you'd never know it, based on how these older beauties look!

Kelly Ripa Red Carpet Photo
Julia Roberts Red Carpet Picture

While many readers had to bathe for hours after merely contemplating sex with Aubrey O'Day or Tila Tequila in our previous edition of Who Would You Rather, this installment is kid-friendly.

Compare the bodies of Roberts and Ripa below. Let us know which you'd prefer to wake up next to in the morning (after having had intercourse with her the night before, that is)...

Julia Robert or Kelly Ripa: Who would you rather...


Vanessa Hudgens: UM thu sand man!


Julia Roberts: "I' suer like you, and yet my eye's cant have U,a dn evern thou, um crushing over U!


Julia Roberts: Um just uwake dreamin and thinking ove you, you, and Angelian Jolie, this is your day as ellas hers, um thiking ove kissing you and the way, "I' wood kiss you yes it wood bee did this, way, A, delicous ice cream comb


Julia Roberts: U prettie thing! "I' havent got U yet! and wheres that prettie thing Angelian Jolie?!

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