Twitter Tribulation: Celebrities Lament Adam Lambert Loss

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Kris Allen may be a nice guy and a talented singer, but a handful of celebrities were clearly cheering on his American Idol competition.

From the rational to the oddly familial, here's how a few stars reacted to Adam Lambert's surprising loss last week.

Adam in Japan

Actress Emmy Rossum looked on the bright side:

Ugly model Adrianne Curry blamed the gay haters:

And Crazy Joe Simpson reassured followers that their Papa is proud of Allen and Lambert:

How did you react when Allen won American Idol? Write in. Let us know!

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I am so disappointed that Adam didn't win. As a 46 year old mother of two I was every bit as enthralled with him as my nieces who are 12 and 7. There is something magical about Adam. He grabs you from the minute he starts singing and keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for MORE! I do believe he will be a superstar no matter what happened on AI. I know I will be waiting, not so patiently, to see where he goes and what he does next. Good luck Adam. I can't wait to hear and see more from you!


I too, as just about everyone I have spoken to, was truly disappointed when Adam did not win. I am a 43 year old mother of two and can finally understand what the screaming, crying girls who watched Elvis felt like. ADAM HAS MAGIC!! His voice is phenomenal but even more so than that he is what America has been waiting for...something to get excited about. There are many talented performers out there but only Adam leaves you wanting to hear more and see more of him. I believe he will truly be America's next Elvis!! GO ADAM, YOU HAVE THE WORLD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!!!


I'm very disappointed in the results of AI, but it was no surprise. I have been following the blogs throughout the finals, and it isn't the "over 55" demographic that influenced the vote - we remembered Elvis, Janis, Queen etc. and want some of that magic and passion back. The younger people consistently said that Adam's music wasn't relevant - BLAND is in. Kris sounded familiar to them. I don't believe it was sexuality; it was familiarity.


Adam Lambert I believe is a phenomenon, this guy can sing the phonebook.
I am a 47-year-old man with 4 kids and would consider my self as �BLOKEY�.
I listened to Adam sing “ I just love you� and this guy brought me to tears.I truly believe with the right manager and producers he will be bigger than Elvis, Michael J and Freddie. I believe Adam became to big for American Idol and this unleashed people within the music industry with more money and power than most could imagine. The final result has left Adam free to negotiate with these is people. I hope he enjoys the ride he deserves it, He is truly gifted.


It is MORE than just the assumption ADAM is gay, how about CLAY AIKEN ( hard to be anymore GAY than he! ). ADAM was TOO OVER THE TOP, make up - painted nails - funky hairdo - jewelry, etc. I read that 60% of voters are over 55 years old, he scared them to death! KRIS is surely the next DAVE MATTHEWS, etc., but ADAM has superstar potential - I see him hooking up with a QUEEN type band - he'd be perfect! Judging on talent / vocals alone, he is probably the most TALENTED Idol EVER, but AMERICA VOTED! Need to have the final tab be a COMBO of voters, Public & professional talent critics. Had the vote been left up to the Idol panel alone, it would have been 90% for ADAM over little KRIS! Both class dudes, they will both do well, but ADAM will truly be a MEGA STAR! That's my take...whatta you THINK?????? tuttleman


i have a feeling it will be kris. just like simon said "it's easy to asume, so vote." So when seacrest said it was that pretty boy i felt a little bit sad but lot of excitement to see adam outside AI!!
AI rating is increase because of him for sure.. THE BEST contestant that brings season 8 to be the most exciting AI season and makes the best finale ever in AI. compare his performance with KISS and kris with can see which one is ready to take the world..


I was so pissed when I heard the results! I was like what the hell are you people thinking Adam is the best thing that has ever happened to American Idol and to the rest of the music world for that matter!


How disappointing that Adam did not win! The fact, however, remains that Adam was the best thing that has ever happened to AI. I am a middle-aged mom and I adore Adam, just as much as my teenage kids do. More power Adam!


Adam is the best ever happened to American Idol. I really think that he is going to be a big star like Idol never saw before.


Thank you so much for such an exciting season, Adam, this grandmother of 6 thought you were just phenominal and I wish you all of the best. You deserve it

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