Tila Tequila, Perez Hilton and Shanna Moakler Release Pro-Gay Marriage PSA

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Carrie Prejean is really gonna hate this.

A trio of celebrities - one gay, one straight and one bisexual - has come together to help film a PSA on behalf of the NOH8 Campaign.

The video below is a response to today's ruling by California's Supreme Court, which held up that state's Prop 8 ban against gay marriage.

We're advocates for equal rights, but it's hard to see how anyone can take your cause too seriously when Tila Tequila - a woman who forced potential suitors on her VH1 reality show to eat pig vagina in order to prove their worth as a love interest - is a prominent voice for it.


Although I can understand disliking individual actors or people in this campaign, I'm a bit startled to see how narrow minded some people are in their comments. If you want people to follow your religion, maybe you shouldn't scream about how 'God' doesn't want gays to marry. Everyone deserves to show the person they love that they are in love. If 'normal' means being the same religion and sexual orientation that you are, your world is extremely narrow, and I feel sorry for you. I hope that the people in America get the right to gay marriage soon. (In all of America, not just parts.) It seems completely backwards that such an advanced country is being so ignorant of the way things are now.


why the fuck do they have a 3rd grader??
this is werid!!!!!!!


Equality? when does same-sex marriage become a matter of importance or a matter of social equality. This moral decadence needs to stop. It is not normal and is an abomination to the whole world and to God. The good people of this world should fight this cause. Nasty sodomites, you will all rot in hell for your inequities!


PS things that make you go hmmm...shannon such a classless act!


that was so stupid! Bout time somebody put some tape over there big, fat mouths that never shut up!


I love Tila Tequila! And I love how B. Scott is also in this commercial. I think that's a cute slogan. NO H8.

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