The Official New Moon Poster: Revealed!

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You've already been treated to numerous shots from the New Moon set.

Now, here's a look at the first official poster for this November's Twilight sequel.

As fans of the book series already know, and as the poster indicates, Jacob Black (played by Taylor Lautner) gets in between Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) in this franchise's second film.

In other New Moon news, Pattinson is really hot!

In still other news, the first clips of the movie will be shown at The MTV Movie Awards on May 31. Will Robert and Kristen show up at the event, hand-in-hand? Sources have romantically linked these stars together!


TEAM EDWARD.......!!!!!


I am sooo angry coz ive been looking forward 2 this
it looks shit and fan made??
excuse me cant they make it better??!!
ive seen fan made better
i mean its hot & looks good but...
im dissappointed i wanted more..............


I think its ver meaningful and i actaully like it alot. Im a mega fan so i thought that i would really analyse everything to bad points but actually i really like it. It shows in perfect portrayal just what New Moon is about, Edward's body position indicates he is hesitant about leaving Bella, Jacob's stance is very protective and i love the dirty look he is giving Edward over his shoulder lol. Bella is holding on to what she has (At that moment its Jacob) the forest setting, and the setting sun is how i imagined the forest to be like when Edward told Bella "It will be as if i never exsisted" And i just notcied that Edward stance is mirrored in Jacobs. You can see Edward's family crest wristband and Bella is wearing that hoodies she ALWAYS wears. Jacob is actually wearing clothes (gasp) and the contrast between Edwards pale skin and Jacobs russet is very noticable, emphasising the Vampire/Werewolf thing. iTS REALLY GOOD.



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