The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 82

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Welcome, celebrity news readers around the world, to The Hollywood Gossip's Caption Contest - the 82nd edition of our Friday afternoon tradition!

All you have to do is think up a caption for the celebrity picture below, click "comments" and give it your best shot. It's very easy and fun to play!

This week: A pair of bored BFFs, Ciara and Kim Kardashian, texting, Twittering, or who knows what. Go to town. Give us your best caption(s) ...

Kim Kardashian, Ciara
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I can't believe they are best friends! Thats awesome. Ciara is gorgeouss.


"Let's text the waiter again. I can't believe he's not standing by with water refills."


Kim ~ those paps think they know everything
Ciara ~ seriously, I am never speaking outloud again.....


Ciara (to Reggie): yo dumb hoochie mamma sidekick don't know I'm gonna steal her man. Kim (to Kris): Gee, Ciara's so nice, I think she wants to be on our show. Can you believe it. Now more people will get to look at my fake ass.


why the fuck did 50 Cent ask me to take his boring ass broad out?


Desperate- So desperate they listen to PR people who put them in a setting like this. Hey Kim, no one will ever forget about your cock swallowing porn video with Ray J. So quit hoping. Ciarabot get your mind right boo boo cause corporate flunkies always become the scapegoats and the first to get booted if shit turns bad.


i'm going to text my boyfriend and ask him if he'd rather fuck you or me


Fembots await further instructions.


Ciara texting- Hey Kim! What is something I can do to get people to notice and talk about me more? Kim texting- Just leak a few naked photos and make a sex tape you're set!!!! Love Sex Magic baby!


Ciara: Hey Kim, are the paps taking our picture? I need to promote the hell out of my album.
Kim: Yea, I think I still see 'em under my big robotic sunglasses.