The Hills Recap: "Playmates Bring the Drama"

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On last night's episode of The Hills, the crew returned from vacation and the aftershocks from Brody and Audrina’s Hawaiian hookup were felt throughout SoCal.

In short, Jayde Nicole went ballistic, and may be slightly insane.

Lauren Conrad warned Audrina Patridge early on that Brody Jenner admitted his mistake to his girlfriend, and that a jealous Jayde was far from pleased.

When Jayde found out Audrina was en route to Frankie's Delgado's barbecue, she grew pissed and her Playmate friends started talk of a girl fight.

Brody told her to relax and apologized again, and Frankie tried to cover for him, saying they just fell asleep, but Jayde wasn't buying it - and Audrina's apparent blowing of a kiss in Brody's direction just made things worse.

That led to the first of two Jayde Nicole-Audrina Patridge showdowns.

Audrina claimed she “would never go there” and they just "stayed up talking" that night. But Jayde snapped, “If you sleep in my boyfriend’s bed, something happened,” and proceeded to pound Jägermeister straight from the bottle.

The following night, things got even worse when Stephanie and Audrina hit up the hot club MyHouse even though they knew Jayde would be there with Brody.

Brody told his drunk girlfriend he wouldn’t tell Audrina to leave because they’re friends. “Not anymore,” replied the jealous, slurring Jayde Nicole. Oh, snap.

The Playboy bunny then told her posse of girlfriends - “playmates who bring the drama” - that Brody was just asking for them to get riled up. They obliged.

Jayde's pal Jo got all up in Audrina’s grill. Frankie tried to step in, but Jayde was fuming, calling her names, downing more Jäger and threatening to punch her.

Audrina eventually took a hint and left.

Over brunch the next day, Lauren urged Brody to apologize to Audrina, but he was unwilling. He blamed her for not leaving his room and said he cared more - without a doubt - about where he stood with Jayde than his longtime friend.

LC lamented sacrificing friends for the ones we love.

Meanwhile, in Speidi Land ...

Heidi Montag intercepted a text from Stacie asking Spencer Pratt to meet her at H. Wood, and decided to delete the text, then see if he showed up.

Always better than direct confrontation, right? Right. So off she went, dragging sister and sister-in-law, Holly Montag and Stephanie Pratt, on a stakeout.

Stacie showed up and waved before slipping into the booth for another girl fight. Stacie was quick to assume the same “I’m the single one” stance as Audrina.

Heidi asked her to stop coming after Spencer, saying, “I wish this upon you. One day, I hope you know how it feels to have a conniving girl come into your life.”

Stacie replied that there will always be another Stacie, and that Spencer is the one she should be worrying about, because he's the one in a relationship.

Later, Spencer and Heidi returned to therapy.

Heidi admitted to going through Spencer’s phone, and he accused her of not trusting him. After more passive-aggressive bickering going back-and-forth, the therapist looked exasperated as she could barely get a word in edgewise.

We can't imagine why.

Spencer Pratt later came back for a solo visit and seemed somewhat contrite. He and the therapist came up with a plan for him to “not go out.” That way, if his relationship crashes and burns, he will at least know that he gave it his best.

Since we already know about the Speidi wedding, this plot line is sort of pointless, but his snarky remarks in the sessions almost make it worth it anyway.

Click to enlarge more photos of Brody's girlfriend Jayde, who was actually the Playmate of the Year in 2008 (she was just replaced by Ida Ljungqvist):

Jayde Nicole, Playmate of the Year 2008

Jade acted so ridiculously, if she wanted to play the blame game why didnt she look to her own boyfriend first.... both Audrina and Jade are insecure fake breasted bimbos devoid of personality is Brody thinking Audrina looks like a donkey and Jade looks like pig ...playboys standards are falling soo incredibly low


maybe everyone should get off Aud's ass about her being a skank and a slut. Brody didn't help the cause and I think that if it's anyones fault it should be Brody and Aud's. But in the same sense, Aud had a crush on Brody. And we dunno maybe their meant to be together! Why should she have to hide her feelings to make this new love of Brody's feel secure. Maybe Aud needed to get her feelings out on the table. We dont know but either way i dont think she tech. did anything wrong in the way Jayde was claiming. If anything Jayde is just getting what she does for a living thrown in her face! So HA! Brody just wants to be dating a whore anyways because thats what he is.


Jayde has a right to be mad, and Audrina just egged her on by showing up. Brody and Audrina should be sorry. Audrina deserved worse than what was said she knew he had a girlfriend regardless of whether or not she was single, she's a skank




Team Audrina 100%
Jayde is crazy!


Audrina is the biggest slut around!


Audrina is such a SLUT. Not to mention completely personanality-devoid. Jeez it's like watching paint dry when she opens her mouth, that is when she's not using it to give that manwhore one. She was all upset when some girl kissed JB at a bar and then gets all indignant that Jayde is upset that she lay her diseased crotch next to her man all night. Double-standards anyone? As for Jayde being crazy, I can't say I know many women who wouldn't do nuts if they found out another girl slept ina guy's bed when she knew he had a girlfriend. At least we can all see what a whore she is. Boring is one thing, but a boring slut...she must be so proud.


Jayde's a plastic jealous insecure person who went borderline psycho last night. She certainly didn't act like an adult...I'd almost compare her to Spencer. Let's all remember that it takes two to tango and it's not just Audrina's fault therefore she shouldn't be the one being called names and whatever else. Brody should have stepped up if for any other reason then because Jayde was acting like a 2 year old and if I were him I would be incredibly embarassed. It's certainly not between anyone but Brody, Jayde and Audrina and it's pretty immature for Jayde to get her playboy peeps involved in a beat down. It's always the girl who's a slut and never the guy...Brody was in that bed too and let's not forget Brody came into that room after Audrina was already in there. Bottom line...good TV, Jayde immature insecure, Audrina whatever and Brody pussy Spencer perhaps.


Agreed- Audrina def got what she deserves...why did she go after Brody when she KNEW he had a girlfriend. Such a slut.

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