The Hills Cat Fight Poll: Team Audrina vs. Team Jayde

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We've almost gotten used to Lauren Conrad doing battle with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt on The Hills. After four seasons of drama, one comes to expect it.

But Monday night on The Hills, a new cat fight erupted. Twice!

Boob Jobs!

Audrina Patridge and Jayde Nicole went at it on two separate occasions over the former's scandalous hookup with the latter's boyfriend, Brody Jenner, in Hawaii.

Viewer reactions run the gamut - Audrina's a slut! Jayde's crazy! Audrina deserved it! Jayde is insecure! - and we're wondering which side you came down on ...

In the latest Hills feud, I'm totally on:


um. i mean what audrina did was uncool and if it was anyone else besides jayde ill totally be on that person's side. jayde annoys the shit out of me. and i mean hot bod. but such a butterface.


remember when audrina thought she saw jb kiss that random girl? she went nuts, so it's fair for jayde to be angry if audrina slept in her boyfriends room. i'd go nuts if that was me. but i think that it wasnt fair on audrina for all of jaydes playmate friends were ganging up on her.


Jayde attacks Audrina instead of attacking the person she should be mad at - her boyfriend who cheated on her! Fine, don't be friends with Audrina but at least stop talking crap about her. It makes you look so insecure. It's obvious Jayde is still jealous because she's STILL talking about it. Anyone seen her twitter or camera interviews? She can't get enough of talking crap about Audrina which is pathetic. Jayde, grow up and get over it! In the end, Audrina was the one who "won" because she actually moved on with her life. I used to think Brody was cool but after seeing him blame everything on Audrina, I have no respect. If anyone needs to shut their mouth, it should be him.


haha downgrade! Heyo! I googled Cora Skinner
Cora was wayyyyy hotter!! And she was actually pretty 2!


Let's not compare Cora to Jayde. Cora was freaking ridiculously gorgeous and she had class. He should've stuck with her instead of downgrading to his current flame.


Jayde is NOT fake! Theres a pic of her in high school looks exactly the same- same NATURAL big boobs and great body! Brody likes that type- look up his ex gf Cora Skinner- same slammin body.
Get over it already dating a playmate is a status thing. She was PMOY. Look at all the sports stars married to/dating playmates- Mike Piazzia(married to former playmate Alicia Rickter) Adam Archuleta(engaged to playmate Jennifer Walcott), Tim Couch(married to PMOY Heather Kozar), and Jim Carrey( dating Jenny Mccarthy) not to mention Pam Anderson in her prime .. whew. to name a few. Get over it haters, its a status thing!
Most guys would love to date a playmate but will prob never get the chance.


How can anyone be jealous of Jayde Nicole? Everyone is beauitufll. I bet all of these girls on here are ten times prettier and sexier then Jayde. We dont have to pose and make dirty films for playboy, we dont have to have botox and plastic surgery and get fake ass tits. No we are naturally beautifull. I dont see why people like Jayde Nicole and Heidi Montag have to prove themselves by making themselves look fake. Heidi looked so gorejus before and shes totally ruined her image from all what shes done to herself.Im suprised that BRODY wants to be with someone like Jayde. Maybe Jayde and Audrina are as bad as eachother I dont know but why cant Brody find a sweet girl next door and keep his thing in his pants. I H8 PEOPLE WHO ACT FAKE.... Y CANT THEY BE THEMSELVES.......


Jayde Is a Physcotic Freek !! And Has a Plastic Face. Shes Such a Bunny Boiler If Frighning .End Of The Day Audrina Told Brody She Had a Crush. Brody Has a GF And Should Have Said To Audrina To Go Back To Her Own Room If He Was That Much In Love With Trout Pout And Audrina Should Have Known That It Would Be Drama As Soon As They Got Bk To LA . The Saddest Part Is Jayde Is a Grown Woman And Has To Get Team Playboy To Fight Her Battles .


Im thinking the reasons Jayde has so many hater are:;
1) Hills fans ultimately want Brody and Lauren back together
2)They want to be with Brody therefore no girl will be good enough Um to be honest I dont think Jayde or Audrina are facially pretty. And Audrima is certainly not better looking than Jayde.
But for people hating on Jayde- as if shes not attractive shes 5'9, nice long legs, naturally busty, thin, great figure with gorgeous healthy hair and to top it off shes cute
I think Brody is wayy more of a body man anway. If anyone wants to post a pic to prove they have a nicer figure than what Bordy is with currently and attracted to. Dot it or shut up and get over it already! If someone else hit on your man or slept in his bed, youd be pissed too!


when did this jayde come on the seen anyway (im from uk latest episodes not out over here yet)
she looks like some little slut/whore wannabe errrrrrr
AUDRINA totally rules
jayde need to get a fukin makeover 1 work errrrrr check that out then

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