The Hills Cast Celebrates Speidi Wedding

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Say "smile for the camera so we can sell this picture to tabloids and make millions of dollars off our staged wedding" "cheese!"

We've already taken fans inside Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag's April wedding.

A Giant Boob

But here's a newly-released photo of the entire cast of The Hills at the event. It's enough to make an MTV executive cry over the incoming cash...

Pictured above, from left to right:

Jayde Nicole; Brody Jenner; Holly Montag; Speidi; Audrina Patridge; Stephanie Prat; Kristin Cavallari; and Lauren Bosworth.

The wedding ceremony will be featured on this week's hour-long season finale of The Hills. Will you be watching it?


the hills wedding was awesuuuum (btw jayde and audrinna r hotttt :))


What a joke, Heidi, looked like Madonna in drag, who did her hair???? Way to much fake jewelry...but, then again you are fake, Holly looked better than the bride, pretty sad.
She looked like something the cat dragged in. Where were Spencers parents ??? Brody your g/f always looks like a hooker in drag. MTV is this the best you can do???


You wouldn't think anyone could out-tacky Heidi and Spencer until you see Jayde standing there advertising her Playboy-ness. Poor Brody's too whipped to see this girl is using him to get some Hills fame.


Seriously, Jayde is looking pretty trashy. Like Lindsay said, it's a wedding, for Heaven's sake, not a nightclub!


Did Jayde not know that the wedding was in a church not a nightclub? Way to whore it up, Jayde! The rest of the girls are properly dressed... that's nice of them.


Justin-Bobby and the other two guys in the back look really happy to be there!


Haha would have been AWKWARD if Lauren was in this picture. EW, Jade's a whore!

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