Tami Farrell: What About Me?!?

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Due to a violation of her contract (NOT because she spoke out against gay marriage, calm down everyone on both sides of that issue!), Carrie Prejean may lose her Miss California crown.

This seems perfectly logical to us: there were clear rules associated with the honor of being named Miss California and Prejean violated them.

If pageant officials do take Carrie's title away, to whom will it be awarded? Tami Farrell, come on down!

Farrell finished second to Prejean. Named Miss Teen USA in 2003, Tami has appeared on the former NBC soap opera, Passions, and won Miss Malibu USA earlier this year.

She has no history of posing naked, nor has Farrell ever given an interview without permission from those in charge of her pageants.

Lost amidst the Carrie Prejean hullabaloo is the fact that an innocent runner-up may actually be the deserving woman to carry around the crown of Miss California. Prejean campaigned for that honor on the platform of supporting the Special Olympics, yet we have not heard her utter one word about it since.

Instead, Prejean has seized an opportunity for self-aggrandizing fame. She has broken pageant rules in doing so.

Meanwhile, Tami Farrell waits at home, alone, crown-less, simply hoping to follow in the benevolent, charitable tradition of Golden State title winners. We believe in you, Tami.

Click on the pics above to enlarge photos of Tami Farrell, the possible new Miss California.


I am pretty sure Trump will take away the "crown" but will get her a position on the next Celebrity Apprentice as a consolation prize. This logic makes sense as gay people watch his pageant while straight people watch the Apprentice. He could have the best of both worlds and do a gay vs straight Celebrity Apprentice. Regardless Trump makes out like a bandit. . > She has no history of posing naked That remains to be seen, no one has heard of her until now. I am awaiting for sexy pictures of her to end up on thedirty . com website to.


carrie is tall and good looking unlike you midgets thats why your all hating on her


carrie prejean is a good christian girl. you haters are just jealous your all fat and short fugly loosers


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Tami Farrell: Miss California
Tami Farrell finished second to Carrie Prejean at the 2009 Miss California Pageant. But she took over the crown in June 2009 when Prejean... More »
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