Tami Farrell Speaks on Carrie Prejean, Gay Marriage, Fake Boobs and More!

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Any moment now, Tami Farrell may be named Miss California.

The runner-up to Carrie Prejean in that state's most recent beauty pageant is next in line for the crown if officials decide to revoke it from the winner, due to her recently-leaked, semi-nude photos.

In an interview with Access Hollywood last week, Farrell made it clear that she's prepared to take on the incredibly huge responsibility of Miss California if it comes to that. Here are excerpts from the conversation:

On taking over for Carrie Prejean: “I would be honored to represent the state of California if they need me for my responsibilities as first runner-up. I wouldn’t mind stepping into the spotlight.”

On Prejean's anti-gay marriage answer: "The problem is that it’s not just about what she believes, she has signed on for a position as Miss California and she cannot represent the entire state based upon her own beliefs. She can go for that cause as Carrie, but not as Miss California.”

Tami Farrell to Miss California officials: Pick me, choose me, love me!

On the response she would have given Perez Hilton: "I would let the people of each state decide and let the laws be made on that sense. I’m just a simple beauty queen and I think it’s funny that it’s a question scholars and politicians have debated on, and now we’re looking to a beauty queen for the answers.”

On Prejean undergoing breast enhancement surgery: “It surprised me, but I think it’s her personal decision. Honestly, I feel that when she won Miss California, judges fell in love with who she was and I don’t think that she needed to have it.”

On ever getting a boob job herself: “I think I’m good. I’m good with this body.”


She was handed a loaded question, designed to cause controversy. She could have taken the easy way out & given the answer like the new gal did. In stead she showed class & stuck by her morals. Was'nt the purpose to get a honest answer from the heart. Or was it to please a ignorent fag & a ignorant Donald. Donald "Your Fired".


WOW Ashley!!! GOOD ONE!!! DANG, If only Perez's parents were the same sex......LOL LOL LOL the IT would not EXIST!!!! LOL


As for Perez Hilton and all of his other gay cry babies, too bad both your parents weren't the same sex cuz then we wouldn't have to listen to your gayness bullshit! You've got a pair of balls, now act like it-bitch!


She answered the question honestly which in this country now means you're shit obviously. If you don't like her answer, then just disagree. Don't make a federal case out of it and start whining Tami Farrell. No one likes a whiner and you are one hell of a whiner. Miss Prejean is a very beautiful woman and she does have a brain in her head and that is why Tami and the others have a problem with her. Pure jealously. That little green monster has Tami's fingernails out and she is more than willing to scratch. Grow up Tami! Acting like you have is more a disgrace than anything Prejean has ever done!!!


How dare Carrie Prejean be derided and called derrogatory names because she answered Pariz Hilton's question honestly! Most of the people in this country believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. AS IT SHOULD BE!! The trouble is that Hollywood panders to the gay community and if you work in Hollywood you better too or else you won't work again!!! Why do we listen to weirdos like Pariz Hilton anyway, nothing good every came out of it's mouth!


hahahaha, so miss california isn't supposed to have morals.... hahahaha based on what you've said, I can see what you're talking about... hahahaha
you make a good rep then. hahahahaha


HAHAHAHA......... where are Tami's nude photos .....HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA pot; meet kettle....hahahaha


carrie prejean is a good christian girl. you haters are just jealous your all fat and short fugly loosers . go to hell where you belong with satan!


You go, girl! Fake boobs just contribute further to the stereotype that California women all have them. Keep it real. Peace!

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