Tami Farrell: Coming After Carrie Prejean's Crown!

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It looks like the cat fight between Carrie Prejean and Perez Hilton might pale in comparison to the tiara tussle Prejean might soon get into with Tami Farrell.

Allow us to explain:

An Awful Human Being

Due to Prejean's leaked racy photo, followed by the lie over said leaked racy photo, Miss California Pageant officials are meeting to decide Carrie's fate. They may strip her of her title due to clear contractual stipulations that prohibit lewd pictures of any kind.

Enter Farrell.

Tiara Tussler: Tami Farrell wants Carrie Prejean's crown!

She finished second to Prejean at the beauty competition, meaning she's next in line to represent California as its top, well, Miss. With that in mind, Tami sent an email to a pageant official earlier today. Check out her attempt to remain diplomatic, while also trying to coax the verdict in her direction:

I would never want to steal someone's spotlight... [Carrie's] beliefs are not what is in question, but her contractual obligations to the Miss California USA program... I...can only hope to refocus all of the attention from the current controversy onto some of the more positive aspects of the program.

Translation: I love gay people and I look great in a swimsuit!

There's no word yet on when this case, the most pressing since O.J. Simpson, will be decided. Who do you think should wear the Miss California crown?


If I understand well, Carrie Prejean has been Miss California since the Fall of 2008 without any problem. She was suddenly found unfit only after the miss USA contest.


Devonne!!! I can't believe u said exactly what Ive been sayin word for word...how can people not realize perez Hilton has never accomplished anything to be in that position..and people said her answer didn't affect the outcome...Lmao!!! Did any of this idiots see perezs blog after that!!!! He said if she won he would of ripped the crown off her head.....listen...Gay people will never defeat straight people nor ever be equal.....


Fuk Tami farrell she looks like a half Asian hooker...I would bet my sons life she has sucked a cock for money..fuk all u fags too...America will never accept u




The Hollywood Gossip needs a new translater.


this girl so much better looking than FAKE blond Carrie.


Views on gay marriage aside, Carrie Prejean broke a rule and lied. She should be stripped of her crown! Simple.


The thought police are at it again. Ignore them.


I'm sure that Perez Hilton is feeling very proud of himself. I am curious as to how a prissy sissy who blogs, gets placed in a position of judgment for other women. What qualified Perez to even be there, let alone posing questions?

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