Tabloid Teases Twilight Romances, Flirtations

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Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart really an item?

While the latest issue of Life & Style claims on its cover that the relationship is "on," let's examine the flimsy evidence this gossip tabloid offers:

Selena in Silver
  • Stewart met Pattinson's parents during the actor's 23rd birthday party last week;
  • According to Twilight co-star Elizabeth Reaser: "Kristen and Rob have amazing chemistry."
  • Said Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke: "It's intense when you do such an intense project. Robert and Kristen are interested in each other, like a fascination."

If "fascination" and "interest" are all it takes to be dating someone, then our entire staff would be going steady with Megan Fox!

As for another rumored pairing that every tween in America is excited over, the magazine offers slightly better support that Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez are a couple.

On May 4, the duo ate together at a restaurant in Vancouver. According to a witness:

"Taylor walked Selena back to her hotel afterward. When she didn't think anyone was around, she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss!"

The next day, Lautner and Gomez allegedly ate at a Japanese restaurant. As the cuties dined on sushi and drank iced tea, an anonymous onlooker heard Taylor say to Selena: "You smell good - I always smell you. I smelled you on my pillow this morning."

Whoa, TMMUI, Life & Style! Too Much Made Up Information, indeed!


I don't think Taylor said that...
1) Selena wears a purity ring
2) I think the person who "apparently" overheard this is making everything up!


Did you see the pitures of Robert and Erika Ditku ( I hope I spelt her name right!) at the Amfar dinner in Cannes? He looked drunk and tired!


OMG they r not an item!
1.Kristen has a longlasting boyfriend
2.They'll head off to romantic Italy together with plenty of ppl
3.And yes Kristen met his parents when they came to celebrate Rob's b-day and there were like the whole new moon cast and I think they met Rob's parents too...
4. The cover says "IT'S ON" not "the relationship is ON!" Could u just leave them alone?! Tell me this when they both have agreed that they r AN ITEM!! :):)

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