Susan Boyle Finishes Second on Britain's Got Talent

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And we thought Kris Allen's victory over Adam Lambert was an upset...

World-renowned Britain's Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle failed to win her reality competition this season, falling to dance troupe Diversity in the finals.

The acrobatic group's performance was described by judge Simon Cowell as "utter perfection."

"If I had to give marks on that, that is the only performance tonight I would want to give a 10 to," Cowell said.

Do you agree? Watch Boyle's closing rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" below and let us know if you think Boyle should have won...

Watch Diversity in action RIGHT NOW. Did they deserve the title?


Diversity honestly deserved to win. I too watched the entire final, and their humility shone through. Their choreography was so original and clever; they managed to get quips in about the show in each performance, all done in good humour. You can't argue that Susan Boyle can't sing, she does have talent, but it's been blown out of proportion ever since her first performance. She was marked as the favourite of the competitioni since show one, so kudos to diversity for breaking free of the hold of the producers and proving the world that Susan Boyle isn't all she's craacked up to be. Her quiet smugness was overshadowed by diversity's talent and grace. Susan Boyle will have a long career, as will diversity. Both have talent, diversity just happened to be way better on the night!


Susan Boyle is a star in my eyes.She can sing.I only hope she goes on to be a world star.




all the so called stars showed their fear when they started to call susan names it is proven since time began that these so: called stars cannot sing or hold a note in a live, repeat, a live performance go for it sue and knock their socks off


this dance group are what they are just another dance group i admit yes they are good but none of the acts came close to emulating the raw talent shown by susan boyle makes you think did the bookies save money on saturday what a double chelsea for the cup susan for a win? is it me being cynical or what i do not know the lady but i sure as hell know talent when i hear it forget all the knockers susan they are all jealous you carry on because you will prove them all wrong luck does not come into it when you can sing like you do you really are going to be a superstar xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Disgusted. I mainly listen to dance and trance music and when I heard Susan Boyle sing I stopped what I was doing and was nearly hypnotized that's a talent that someone is born with. A dance routine can be repeated untill it's right and if your fit and flexible and give enough time any group of people could throw out a dance routine. It's disgusting but if she looked like a model she would have won.


Diversity DEFINITELY deserved it. I'm british and I watched the whole finale of Britain's Got Talent this year and admittedly, Susan was acting all smug throughout the show. She didn't wave to the camera, she pulled the same face throughout the judges commentary, she acted over-confident. But with Diversity, their choreography was outstanding throughout the series! And the timing was brilliant! Their act takes so much effort and compared to Susan's, they definitely deserved to win.


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