Susan Boyle Finishes Second on Britain's Got Talent

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And we thought Kris Allen's victory over Adam Lambert was an upset...

World-renowned Britain's Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle failed to win her reality competition this season, falling to dance troupe Diversity in the finals.

The acrobatic group's performance was described by judge Simon Cowell as "utter perfection."

"If I had to give marks on that, that is the only performance tonight I would want to give a 10 to," Cowell said.

Do you agree? Watch Boyle's closing rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" below and let us know if you think Boyle should have won...

Watch Diversity in action RIGHT NOW. Did they deserve the title?


I would suggest to HRH that when Diversity come on the Royal Variety Performance, she makes sure she's out foraging for ice creams !


Diversity, without a doubt, deserved to win. Their dance routines were original, well choreographed and impressive. I have to say that part of me feels slightly cheated by SuBo choosing to sing her audition song again, especially as her semi-final song missed the mark. One singer, one song perhaps?


What I found most impressive was Susan Boyle's reaction when she heard that Diversity had won - she was genuinely pleased for them. To me, that shows that she is far better than any of her critics - a truly humble (if slightly eccentric) lady who deserves to go very far. God bless her !
By the way - I watched the whole show. In terms of variety and originality, I think Diversity were deserved winners even though Susan was definitely the best and most powerful singer. I am sure that Susan will continue to do well. In fact, previous winners of this show seem to do less well overall than the runners-up ! (For instance, one of last year's main runners-up, ESCALA, are now doing much better and achieving far greater acclaim than the winner.)


I'm from Scotland and I say Diversity deserved the win!


Maybe, I am not a much fan of group dance. Saturday result was just stunning and unbelievable even still now. If it was held in US, Susan Boyle could have won here. America just loves her so much. Susan, you should consider coming to America. I felt that there are some cultural diversities going btw.


Diversity deserved to win. I mean come on Susan Boyle?? Yeah yeah, we know she can sing but she's not like any better than your average singer. Yes she had the most moving story, but that is not what this shows about. Its about talent. And well Diversity had sheer class and talent. They are not like other dance groups, you cant compare their imagination with others, they came up with that amazing dance in just a few days. They did what was required of them and i for one think they are worthy winners. Get In Ladsss =D !!!


Congratulations to the media for breaking her down.
Other celebs are alcoholics, drug addicts, tramps, etc., but that's ok.
Susan swears at the press after they egg her on, and people were ignorant enough to let that sway them.
The bookies are thrilled and it wouldn't surprise me if they were behind the whole thing.


I think both Diversity and Susan deserved it. I do think Susan is kind of over rated but she's been thrown on this rollercoaster without getting to choose anything that is happening. People have seen her perform 3 times and already they either love her or hate her. I do think she is over rated but i'm not saying I hate her or that she is over confident because I have only seen her through what has been said in the media. I feel kinda bad for her cos she is being judged through no fault of her own. Put yourself in her shoes and think how it would feel to have someone judge you after only seeing you on tv or the newspapers etc. You can't make your mind up about someone you've never met. I also think Diversity were amazing!!!!


I am a humble tree surgeon who lives in Coventry,England.I would love to be able to meet Miss Susan Boyle.She has a voice of an angel.I only hope she goes to great heights.You are my angel Susan.


Susan boyle isnt world renound....shes renound in America...thats it....yeah people liked her here and she is a good singer but she isnt perfect I would say 9 year old Hollie was better....Diversity were a group a mixed ages, races and all differnet jobs, university, colage, school. And the main guy in the group chrographed the whole thing with creative ideas...they TOTALLY deserved to win

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