Susan Boyle Finishes Second on Britain's Got Talent

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And we thought Kris Allen's victory over Adam Lambert was an upset...

World-renowned Britain's Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle failed to win her reality competition this season, falling to dance troupe Diversity in the finals.

The acrobatic group's performance was described by judge Simon Cowell as "utter perfection."

"If I had to give marks on that, that is the only performance tonight I would want to give a 10 to," Cowell said.

Do you agree? Watch Boyle's closing rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" below and let us know if you think Boyle should have won...

Watch Diversity in action RIGHT NOW. Did they deserve the title?


Poor love looked traumatised come Saturday evening. Her confidence had gone, her eyes did not sparkle any more - she looked lost and lonely. (I think one of your previous commentors - Mandy - must have been watching a different show to the one I watched.) Gutter-press tends to do that to people - they build you up and then smash you against the wall. She has a lovely voice and will do well. I, for one, will be in the queue to buy her first CD. Did she deserve to win on the night? Hard to say. I think they were all winners and all put on a marvellous show - something we are sadly lacking on the UK TV.


From what I've read so far everyone is feeling sorry for Susan Boyle because of the amount of press she's had etc but that's not the right reasons why she should have won. I think she does have an amazing voice but Diversity won fair and square so why caan't you all just accept that?


i don't get how you can say diversity are just another dance act. the choreography is genius. it's not like anything anyone has ever done. i wasn't sure about susan after her semi since it wasn't great to say the least but when i saw her sing i thought ok she is good and could win untill diversity came on and BLEW ME AWAY!!!
why isn't there a video of diversity on this article?


well how about it are all you bullies satisfied now you drunks and drug abusers who have cast stones at poor susan who is really a sick woman i say bullies because bullies dont have to be physical to hurt people leave this lady alone and look to your un christian selves remember things have a way of backfireing on yourselves good luck susan and god bless xxxxxxxxx


susan = adam lambert.. overrated.. so they only come out as the runner-ups..


Just heard on the news that Susan Boyle has been admitted into hospital.I hope she soon gets better.I blame all the pressure she has been put through.Good luck Susan we are behind you and so are millions more people.


I think that it is better for Susan Boyle that she did not win. She should put out an album,tour,etc., but should have a good team to protect her emotionally from all the scrutiny and intrusion that comes with show biz. Afetr all, she lead a pretty quiet, secluded life before this all began for her and I would be worried that the demands placed on the winner would be too much for her to handle.


Only Americans wanted her to win because they didn't see how arrogant and self-important all their praise made her. Diversity deserved the win, they were FANTASTIC and the whole point of britains got talent is to perform at the royal VARIETY show. Susan should have entered X Factor not BGT, she is definately talented but it's not as though we've never heard a brilliant singer before. Over here we don't have as much exposure to dance groups in the way the USA do (americas best dance crew etc) so I think most people were just blown away. In my opinion Diversity could rival the finalists of ABDC anyday.


I don't think there was any shady manipulation of the results on Saturday night. All that was demonstrated was the mentality of the people who want to ring in to this kind of show. I'm certain that if the whole population voted Susan would have won hands down, hers is a real talent. Diversity are good but once you've seen them that's it. you've seen them wheareas we will enjoy listening to Susan long into the future, our children will listen to Susan sing and be just as thrilled as we are. They are unlikely ever to hear of the dance troup Diversity. Susan you music is timeless, enjoy your fame and fortune and all the best for the future.


Why take this so personally - it was a TV show?!!! Diversity were fantastic & in my humble opinion deserved to win. I haven't read the gutter rags re SB so not sure what that's all about. Lovely voice but a bit dull in my opinion. Would have worked better for her to show a bit more range with a different song. She looked relieved she didn't win - seemed to relax. Don't think all the hysteria from the other side of the pond helped her at all.

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