Susan Boyle Finishes Second on Britain's Got Talent

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And we thought Kris Allen's victory over Adam Lambert was an upset...

World-renowned Britain's Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle failed to win her reality competition this season, falling to dance troupe Diversity in the finals.

The acrobatic group's performance was described by judge Simon Cowell as "utter perfection."

"If I had to give marks on that, that is the only performance tonight I would want to give a 10 to," Cowell said.

Do you agree? Watch Boyle's closing rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" below and let us know if you think Boyle should have won...

Watch Diversity in action RIGHT NOW. Did they deserve the title?


I saw that it cost to call in votes on BGT. Seems fairly obvious to me that Susan's fans didn't bother to spend the money to vote, because they thought she had it (and she should have) but the supporters of others wanted them to do as well as they could, and maybe make 2nd or 3rd. So, susan lost.


I wonder what is wrong with British people,dont they know ,what is arth if they see one! Love susan Boyle. she is great.She shud it wan.


Guest said .. "Susan Boyle is an average singer." Have you listened to her two songs recorded ( professionally ) 10 years ago? Have you compared her "Dreamed a dream" with other live renditions from professional artists ( available on Youtube )? If you have, fair enough. If not, try it, you will be disabused of your opinion.


Susan Boyle is an average singer. She's not cut out for fame or the big leagues. She sings in tune. So what? You can't even put her on the same level as Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and Allison Iraheta! Thousands of church singers are just as good, if not substantially better. They haven't had the benefit of the international exposure. Boyle was put in the spotlight specifically because she's physically unattractive, and the voice surprised people. She doesn't have the "voice of an angel." She's a simple-minded autistic person whose singing lacks emotion and interpretation. Just the way she threw down her fists on one phrase (inappropriate choice) of her final performance was indicative of her lack of awareness. She was always ahead of the beat... again because she really isn't a singer. She's robotic, a mimic... without her own style. Let's all get back to reality here and take her off the pedestal.


Susan Boyle is proof that Nature plays no favourites! Many people admire her and would be interested to follow up on her successes because she is a symbol of hope in our present generation. However, the long gown she wore at the final competition made her look 20 yrs older. They should try to make her look 10 yrs younger.


I would like to let eveyone know that our Local paper Coventry Evening Telegraph had a headline-Hairy Angel still on bill for Ricoh talent show.I am so disgusted at this and sent them the following I have felt very strongly about an item in tonights Coventry Evening Telegraph re Susan Boyle.It is the media that has caused her to crack up in the first place.She is a lady who has mild learning difficulties and needs respect not to be ridiculed.I would like to see a personal apologie in the paper.To me it is downright bullying.I refer to Hairy Angel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i absolutely love diversity and voted for them they are so great ! perry and mitchell are so cute and sam and ashley are gorgeous! susan did not deserve to win at all! soo smug


love diversity not susan


susan should have won no one is interested in watching break dancers they are a dime a dozen, but a voice like hers is once in a lifetime.get well susan we are waiting for your cd


How often are we treated to true magic? That is what Susan Botle gave us, and will continue to give us. Diversity were brilliant, and the choreographer deserves a medal, but Miss boyle was the true natural winner.She is NOT smug. If only these people read about her, they would realise just how humble she is. She does have MLD which means that her emotions are often to the surface, but listen to her, and we forgive everything. Susan, you really are an angel.

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