Spotted Dining: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson!

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Sorry, Erika Dutra. But if you really did sink your teeth and/or any other body parts into Robert Pattinson last week, they didn't leave an impression.

The Twilight star was spotted having dinner with Kristen Stewart yesterday, as the rumored couple enjoyed a meal in Italy.

Red Carpet Scowl

Granted, the cute twosome was joined by New Moon crew members, but such a spectacle will only fuel speculation that Pattinson and Stewart are an item. See for yourself:

Are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson dating? This photo won't help the co-stars deny such a romance.

[Photos: Ciao Pix]

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As typical as this is,so often in HOLLYWOOD... they are young , work together, will probably date each other for a little while then move on their separate ways... Old news already... NEXT !!!


They have crappy on screen chemistry. They seem to have more off screen than on. I dont believe they're together, I think people are so hell bent on them being "edward and bella" that the whole world wants them to be together. I cant wait until this whole Twilight hype is over, I'm tired of seeing Rob's face everywhere.


plaaah I hate these rumours! It's just like every time someone sees Rob with a girl it means that they're dating...
They weren't at the lunch "together together", they were at the lunch with ppl from New Moon cast. And hey funny question: How do u guys know that Kristen goes to Rob's hotel room at 3 am and the other stuff? :O :)


They are dating and thay wouldn't have gone out in public together if they weren;t because everyone would think the were dating. Its a fact of life. They spend to much intamte time together. They no each other to well.And if there at lunch together IN PUBLIC they are together.


Karro: Do you go home at 3 am to your male colleagues hotel rooms? How about go on a double date with your male colleague and his parents? Do you frequently spend weekends holed up in your male colleagues home? These are ALL things Rob and Kristen did in Vancouver. She was also seen wearing the same clothes she wore Friday night on a Saturday afternoon in his hotel with her fly undone. Yes, they were living at separate hotels during filming. Putting two and two together isn't jumping to conclusions its logical.


Do I get tired of this. Of course they aren´t togheter. But they do WORK togheter. Is that so hard to understand. I eat with my colleges too but I don´t have a thing with them. Gosh it makes me sick to hear the media jump to conclusions in seconds. Get a decent job instead of bothering them.


How many excuses are the anti-shippers going to pull out of their asses before they realize Rob and Kristen are *gasp* romantically involved? It is beyond obvious now.


Um, "Jenn", Michael Angarano is in LA. With his new girlfriend. Kristen flew into Italy with Ashley Greene. Robert and Kristen are dating. When they go public, all the doubters are going to feel so stupid.


I love them together!


Its not the fact they are eating together. Its the fact she frequently goes back to him to his hotel room at 3 am that convinces me they are dating. They obviously don't care about the rumors because they have gone home together several times in full view of the paparazzi.. even though she lived in a separate hotel in Vancouver. She and Michael Angarano broke up. He is in LA. Reportedly he's moved on as well. Rob seems very happy with Kristen so good for them.