Spotted Dining: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson!

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Sorry, Erika Dutra. But if you really did sink your teeth and/or any other body parts into Robert Pattinson last week, they didn't leave an impression.

The Twilight star was spotted having dinner with Kristen Stewart yesterday, as the rumored couple enjoyed a meal in Italy.

Red Carpet Scowl

Granted, the cute twosome was joined by New Moon crew members, but such a spectacle will only fuel speculation that Pattinson and Stewart are an item. See for yourself:

Are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson dating? This photo won't help the co-stars deny such a romance.

[Photos: Ciao Pix]

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Seriously? They are sitting 3 feet apart and are obviously eating with 3 other people. Come on... sometimes the romance is just onscreen people. They can just be co-stars and not be in a relationship. Sorry to ruin it for you but it is the truth.


romantic dinner?
if that is your idea of romance, i need to rethink the way i see it!


Kristen hadn't switched hotels before the 3 am photo. If you believe that you seriously must be 12 years old. Go check out LaineyGossip's twitter or MaliciousMandy's twitter who is a journalist in Vancouver. Both put Kristen at her hotel right before the party for David Slade. Then she went HOME with Rob. She didn't switch hotels for privacy. She didn't even switch hotels. She just started openly going home with him because she didn't care anymore. She was still seen off/on at her hotel after that several times. They aren't going to admit they are a couple and neither are their co-stars who are either shielding their privacy or doing what the studio tells them to do. If they are a couple the studio will want to drag out the are they/aren't they to help promote New Moon.


I would love to see them dating in real life. But I just dont think its true yet. Media makes such a big deal out of everything....they're not having dinner alone...if you have eyes, you'll see that other people are also present! Well, i hope one day they will have dinner alone and mike will b outta the picture..but its not happening rite now.


i think they would be cute as a couple but only they know for sure!!! One thing I know for sure is i love rob and he would be better with me


Well, I for one would love it if they got together. But they are not stupid. I mean even if they were together, why would they publicize it right now? Next week, there will be a lot of distance between the two of them-he will be filming in NY- and if their, relationship does not last thru this (if they are in a relationship that is), then right before New Moon comes out, the fans would find out that they're broken up- and as crazy as some of the fans can be, I can see how this would really turn them off- so I say if they are together, then wait until November to announce it- they would get ALOT of publicity at that time, which would help the New Moon sales... but I'm rooting for you guys Rob and Kristen! You guys rock! Hope you guys are together cuz you guys really look awesome together (from what I can see)


Kristen had already switched hotels to Robs before that 3am pic was taken with limo driver. She switched hotels cause his has more privacy. She didn't go home with Rob cause she was already home in her new hotel.


Kari, that link shows them posing for a pic for someone in front of a limo. How does that prove that they are together? It isn't as if the cabbie caught them secretly on film doing something seedy. Are they going up to have casual sex? Sure, I'll accept that. But is there anything more? Like I said, I'm not buyin' it.


micheal and kristen are taking a break that's what kristen tells life and style magazine rob and kristen are really close so she decided to take a break micheal.
i'm soooo happy.


Where is Michael? Gossip sites keep saying he is there and with pictures to prove but I don't see him anywhere!! They even titled one such pic but all I see is Rob, Kristen, and Ashley.. If anyone has a link with Michael in it..please post it..

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