Sports Guy, Sports Gal Weigh in on Jayde-Audrina Feud

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In his latest column, which was originally about the Lakers-Rockets playoff series, ESPN's Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, relays an argument he had with his wife over Jayde Nicole and Audrina Patridge and their feud on The Hills. Really.

It is certainly a controversial topic that had people buzzing this week. Here's the excerpt from Simmons' column about the latest epic Hills confrontation ...

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne Pic

I woke up six minutes into The Hills and the Sports Gal refused to change the channel because Audrina Patridge slept in Brody Jenner's bed in Hawaii and Brody's Playmate girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, was furious about it.

These are the moments when Bruce Jenner feels proud for all the sacrifices he made trying to win that Olympic gold medal in 1976.

But this led to an awesome moment in Twisted Female Logic: Audrina's friend, LC, then blamed Brody for not sticking up for Audrina and siding with his girlfriend because it was Brody's fault that he didn't kick Audrina out.

No blame for Audrina for going after someone else's dude? Really, LC?

Brody Jenner says his feelings lie with Jayde. Do yours?

I sided with Brody, the Sports Gal sided with Lauren Conrad, and I'm ashamed to admit we argued about this for 20 minutes. My argument in three parts:

  1. Audrina is a tramp.
  2. All women are natural enemies even if they pretend this isn't the case.
  3. A single woman will always do whatever it takes to land someone as appealing as Bruce Jenner's untalented but handsome son, even if it means seducing him on a reality-TV show and promising secrecy with him even though that show will be airing two months later.

The Sports Gal thus refused to admit I was right and claims she knows plenty of women who wouldn't do this. When I asked her to name these women, she named a bunch of her married friends, which indirectly proved my point:

Nearly all SINGLE woman between the ages of 25-40 will do whatever it takes to land an appealing male, even trashing whatever female code of ethics allegedly exists.

Agree? Disagree? Comment away, and choose your side in the poll below!


First off Jayde Nicole is so insecure! For someone who takes her clothes off for a living you think she would be a bit more secdure with herself. She needs to calm down and realizes Her man i sjust as much to blame as Audrina. Jayde is a nasty skank, her classy way of dealing with things is drinking, swearing and ordering around. My favorite was when she stated "im serioulsy gonna punch her if I see one more time" hahahahha as if. Also If dirty Jayde has issues she should be dealing with Audrina on her own not bringing all her friends like she is in grade 3


audrina was wrong, brody was wrong, audrina flired even though she knew he was taken, jadyes friends acted like dumb whores though, i think brody deserves to be treated better than jadye or audrina has, audrina acts like a dumb ass, lauren i love you and most all of your friends suck!you and brody deserve better!


Brody was ment to be a "Good friend" of LC'S but he hooked up with Jen bunny WT THE HELL!!! That was wrong. Now Audrina sleeps with him and audrina gets the blame. It takes 2 to tango. Jayde Nicole is so ugly. She fucks any1 shes a pornstar and brody does one mistake and she goes belistic. JAYDE NICOLE IS A FREAK AND UGLY COW..




Whatever, both girls are sluts.And Brody Jenner is the biggest slut of the three of them. Anyway, why does Brody always get let off so lightly?As with Jen Bunney he pretty much initiated the whole thing and she ended up being blamed solely for it.


Maybe SOME single women would act like that, but certainly not ALL! Also, if a man lets another girl sleep in his bed when he has a girlfriend, then he's clearly in the wrong!!

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