Source: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are Dating

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Earlier this week, Robert Pattinson turned 23.

According to Us Weekly, the rising star didn't celebrate alone: he, his parents and a trio of New Moon co-stars arrived at Vancouver's Global Grill and Satay Bar on Wednesday night.

While Ashley Greene and Jamie Bower were present for the birthday celebration - which involved high-class delicacies such as Kobe beef meatballs, lamb and steak satays - Twilight fans might be more interested in Pattinson's activities with the other actress in attendance:

Head Scratcher

Kristen Stewart.

Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dating? The rumor mill is in full swing!

After dinner, sources say Pattinson and Stewart ditched the group and headed to an adjoining lounge together, where he drank beer, she sipped champagne and the rumors really started to flow.

"Robert and Kristin are a very, very smart couple," an insider says. "They're friendly and playful but never affectionate in public. Never. Never any hugs or kisses. It's just not their style."

So, are these two really a couple? If so, what nickname should they go by? Pewart? Stattinson? Edward and Bella?

Write in with your best suggestions!




ok robsten are dateing!!!!and he is falling for another woman and cught kissing her!!!i hope kristen and him saty together!!but if not everyone will start blameing rob!!!i would. andto tell the truth i bet u everyone will not watch twilight just becuz of rob!!! and i love them being together!! so lets hope this ROBSTEN FOREVER!!!!!!!!


i think they should stay together forever! and if rob(nickname) breaks her heart everyone will most likely not like him!!


I think this site is twisting too much around
do u actually have any proof that they are dating?
people need to stop making things seem true just cos they want it to be true in their heads


Robert n kristen looks grt together.... Wish dey go out


I think robert n kristen makes a great couple. ah`l b very very happy if dey go out!


All i got to say is taylor is so effing hot he is way sexier than robert patttinson i personly think that kristen should date him....i also agree with Jessica Michial is not worth kristens time he is so effing ugly!!!


i dont understand why they wont just tell people bout them dating if they told people every one will think its great....well i would anyway, but robert and kristen would make a great couple she should get over michial cause he so not worth her time and just date robert...i would!


well twilight obssessed fan number one, are ya sure youre
#i.i watch 6teen and make it or braek it because people who are in there have cullen as thier last name. and i have atwilight party every week, iwrite lik edward cullen, i bring the twilight saga to school every day,i camped 2 days outside for kristen's autgraph, i have every twilight t, i know how to play bella's lullaby on the piano, read all the books 58 times, have the twilight game and an edward jigsaw puzzle,19 twilight mags,and i write fanmail to the cast everyday


Alex she is not gross you ideot

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