Should Carrie Prejean Be Stripped of Miss California Crown?

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The Internet is buzzing over a recently-released photo of Carrie Prejean topless.

Reportedly, there are a slew of other naked Prejean pics on the way, as well.

Putting aside one's religious beliefs or stance on gay marriage, the rules of the Miss California Pageant are clear. In each contestant's contract, it states that one is prohibited from being photographed “in a state of partial or total nudity."

Taking away Carrie's crown would not be without precedent: Vanessa Williams was stripped of her 1984 Miss USA title after racy pics she posed for two years earlier were leaked.

With this in mind, you tell us: Should Carrie Prejean lose her Miss California crown?

** UPDATE: Pageant spokesman Roger Neal has released copies of the detailed contract all contestants sign before entering the contest. It prohibits Miss California from making personal appearances, speaking to reporters or making commercials without permission from pageant officials.

Of course, in the last two weeks, Carrie has gone ahead with televised appearances at her local church in San Diego, as well as given interviews on behalf of the National Organization for Marriage.

The contract also possesses a clause asking participants to state whether they have conducted themselves "in accordance with the highest ethical and moral standards." It specifically asks if they have ever been photographed nude or partially nude.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with Prejean's gay marriage answer, but "you can see from the contract, she violated multiple items," Neal told the Associated Press.

We, again, ask readers to put aside religious beliefs or bickering and simply consider this issue on the grounds of pageant rules. Should Prejean keep her title or not?


I will give all of the Prejean defenders the benefit of the doubt for expressing their opinions in MAY 2009. However, I am interested in knowing how they feel NOW IN NOVEMBER 2009, since news of the fact that Carrie Prejean did not disclose, PER PAGEANT RULES AND REGULATIONS, that she made and transmitted 8 masturbatory sexting videos in addition to 30+ risque photos of herself. This is in clear violation of the pageant contract, and is justifiable and legal grounds for disqualification. Since she knew she was ineligible from day one but fraudulently signed the pageant contract anyway, I would truly like to know how anyone could justify her lying and deciet by coming to her defense now.


What has happened to our society that we would allow the rantings of the so very sick homo's to even have a say in this, the bastards should be glad that we allow them as much freedom as we do. Stop catering to these sick ass holes, they are nothing more than the lowest form of human life, and should be treated as such.


I took a similar poll on this website (who has taken ms. prejean through the ringer on this scandal!): http://www.bettyconfidential.c...
I believe she should be stripped of the crown. why should she receive any type of special treatment??

Avatar check that out then


It is a sad day when being gay is cool and being a breeder is wrong. If breeders quit breeding, humans as we know it would no longer exits. Perez Hilton, you need to take that d$%^ out of your mouth and go find yourself a hot chick. Lastly, California has spoken and we say marriage is between a penis and a vagina and not two of the same. If you smoke pole or eat carpet and want to Wed, take your business to a liberal state like Massachusetts!!!!


Does the contract prohibit you from making personal appearances and speaking to reporters while you are a contestant in the contract? Or are you referring to her contract as Miss California? If she knowingly and deliberately violated the terms of her contract, there is no way she would be able to get around that - and I do thing she should be stripped of her title then. On the other hand, if someone deliberately searched for those pictures and exposed them in order to incriminate her and ruin her reputation, thus discrediting her beliefs regarding gay marriage, then I feel that that is uncalled for. Either way, however, if she violated her contract deliberately, she has to be stripped of her title.


She only expressed her opinion!!! Then the GAY community ask why we Christians are so concerned about GAY MARRIAGE... Question answered! God bless you Carrie!!!


I think that breast implants are an insult to God (except in case of breast loss due to cancer) - and NO Christian should get them. As far as the marriage issue, there is Religious marriage, and civil marriage. If certain religions don't think same sex people should get married in their church, then they could possibly get married in government office. All the science I have read indicates 'Gay/Lesbian' is genetic - NOT a 'choice'. Therefore, if the religious people think 'God' created all people, it follows that God created the gay ones also. Look at all the variation and animal habits throughout nature (especially Bonobo apes).
I do think that ANYONE who gets a woman pregnant should PAY (in money and TIME) to raise any/all children that they father. The planet is overpopulated.


Plus, i can GUARANTEE that she could have said she supported gay marriage and the photos and crap would have still surfaced. WITHOUT A DOUBT. You can't go into the public eye with these types of "skeletons" in your closet. If you're going to be involved with these types of events - you'd best have that closet of yours squeaky fucking clean. Otherwise, you're going to go down. They will strip her of her 'title'...simply because they HAVE to. She broke the rules. Vanessa Williams broke the rules too. They're not going to create precedent over this girl, thats for sure. Fake boobs or not.


This has nothing to do with her views on marriage. Aside from the obvious (she broke the rules), she's not exactly the squeaky clean role model that she's supposed to be. Breast implants and racy photos (and potentially all nude ones) are not what "Miss Florida" should be representing. With all this aside, the whole pageant thing is a fucking joke to begin with. I'll never understand the people who follow that crap, to be honest. All those fat southern state moms who throw their poor little kids into these pageants, slapping all that makeup and shit on them - of course they're going to lead into this! Breast implants and topless photos. Come on.


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