Selena Gomez Sort of Confirms Relationship with Taylor Lautner

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In her latest MySpace blog entry, is Selena Gomez talking Taylena?

Amidst rumors that the young actress is dating Taylor Lautner, Gomez just posted a few thoughts about how opinions can change as one gets older.

Selena Gomez, Mother

"I remember when i was 12 telling my friends i would never ever wear dresses because i thought they were too prissy. Now I own more floral dresses than pants," Gomez writes. "Or how i hated mustard and gagged at the sight of it, now I will not touch a hotdog without it."

Okay, okay, get to the good stuff, Selena!

"I also said that I would never fall in love until i was much older to really understand the word....."

Wow. This implies that Gomez isn't merely dating the Twilight star. She's totally in love with him! Taylena 4 eva!!!

As they each film movies in Vancouver, Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez have been seen, getting quite cozy, together.

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NOOOOOO!! I HATE HER!! only because she is a disney channel star, she is popular in hollywood!! Taylor is way too much for her...


This is a poem thati wrote myself about Taylor Lautner.
This shows my actual feelings for him and i hope that he can see it. Your the one who makes my heart
Quickly skip a beat
Your smile is the only thing
That keeps me on my feet. When i look into your eyes
My heart begins to pound
When i see a picture of you
I lift off the ground. i love you Taylor Lautner
And my heart is glued to you. please comment


That doesn't mean she is dating the guy. Geez!


I'm gonna kick her ass!




OMG!!!!! What a little *****!!!! Im talkin about selena!!!! Gah...i hate her....she is not even that pretty...she looks like his freakin kidd sister(but uglier!!!) He can do way better...a sneakin out the back door???? WHAT IS THAT????!!!!! SO STOOPID!!!! Gah im so tired of hearing about Taylors BIGGEST and most ADORING fan but come on taylor...WAKE UP!!!


You guys need to grow up. It has nothing to do with you guys if they're dating. Like i'm real sure he'd go after some of you. Just grow up, its not your business, & if they are dating , don't hate her because thats just stupid and immature. Seriously.


i've always hated selena.She probably already new that us girls really liked taylor lautner.And she said she finally found love.But thats wat every celebrity say.But then they end up breaking each others heart.So they wont last that long and i hope that they aren't going out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ughhhhh i never liked selena and now i just hate her even more!!!!! He is mine(not saying it literally just implying that he is not selena's)i cant even see or say her name anymore cuz it makes me want 2 gag!!!!! y does this hafta happen?!?!?!? y???????plz taylor breakup with her if ur datin her!!!!break her heart no1 wuld care!!!!!!!!1


omfg taylena! wtf
he is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyy outta her league

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