Robert Pattinson Shirtless, Kristen Stewart Sprinting: A New Moon Photo Montage

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This is great.

While the recent set photo of Robert Pattinson (shirtless!) making out with Kristen Stewart was rather hot, sadly, it was just a single image.

But now a dedicated New Moon fan has created a video that meshes together a series of shots from the movie. In the montage below, fans can drool over a number of Pattinson topless pics, while getting an overall look at one of the major scenes in the film.

Are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson dating? The mere possibility is the talk of tweenville.

Ready for this sneak peek at New Moon? Follow the jump to watch Bella sprinting toward her gorgeous man.

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robsten fan 1 sicrve:io a dire la verita ci credo piu qnd ci sn le foto ma kmq ci credo lo stexo stnn beniximo insieme ma ora ke ci sn nn potrebbero ammetterlo cs ci leviamo il pensiero!!!?


What song is that? it's beautiful.
I agree with one of the other comments, they do NOT kiss in Volterra. It's great that they are trying to put more passion in, however they really need to start focusing on the book/movie relation. Don't get me wrong, I think the movie is going to be spectacular. This scene, as different as it is, will rock!
However, I hope for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn they stick to the books.


oh man, that was HOT!!!
no arguments accepted--it was steaming, literally!


i kindah like taylor lautner better hes got sexy abs


that is onnee luckky girll
and it looks excatly like the book
so that's good
so hot hot hott
i love your rob pattinson


OMG!! i can't wait 2 c d rest of dat sence. Rob is sooo hot!!
dis movie will be d bess wow!! His body an abs r so sexy!!


Please,this scene is pathetic. So he got abs but what of the rest of him? His bodymass is not enough. He ought to get some more and no it is not a hot scene. Geat real.Even I who isn´t an actor could make a really hot scene and he would end up like an innocent schoolboy. Besides they are not suppose to be kissing in Italy according to the book. Gosh what a joke. Still not following the great book. They probability never will and that´s a pity. I prefer the book.


OMG he is oh so sexy!! i love him and those abs aren't airbrushed they may be defined a little bit with some make-up but from some of the side shots you can tell he has abs. and that they are real. :P mmm i love it!


cant wait for the movie or even the trailer!!!!


those abs are defenetly airbrushed

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