Robert Pattinson: Little Ashes Sex Scene

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Yes, Robert Pattinson really is naked in Little Ashes.

But before you break every traffic law motoring over to the theater for the Salvador Dalí biopic, which opens today, keep this in mind, ladies: The movie is as far removed from Twilight as one can get.

Instead of falling for a lovely young girl in high school, Pattinson portrays the film's main character, whose main on-screen romance is with writer Federico García Lorca.

This might not be the Robert Pattinson sex scene you've been waiting for, but watch the following clip from Little Ashes and appreciate the actor's versatility:


Different to watch..but I soo admire Robert Pattinson for stepping into this role..not many actors can say they've done a film like this, so kudos to you Rob!! Did I mention I am sooo in love with you?? Keep up the fantastic work!!


Forgot to add that this is some serious Hotty McHotty-ness! :) Good going guys! Ladies and Gents across the world are getting steamy on this! :)


Go Rob! So proud of you for making this serious film, taking on this role and showing no fear! Don't worry if some of your fans can't take it, just shows their own ignorance and that they don't admire you for right reasons (just cause in their wormy little brains they think you are going to show up on a white horse in their front yards) :)
You did great in How to Be too! Your real fans love you and are proud of Little Ashes and you can afford to lose the ones who diss it out of ignorance!


Im seriously one of Roberts Biggest Fans. but after this i think i might skip ey !!! as sexy as what he is . Its just wrong man. GOt get the Freaken vision out my head now. ;)


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