Robert Pattinson: Little Ashes Sex Scene

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Yes, Robert Pattinson really is naked in Little Ashes.

But before you break every traffic law motoring over to the theater for the Salvador Dalí biopic, which opens today, keep this in mind, ladies: The movie is as far removed from Twilight as one can get.

Instead of falling for a lovely young girl in high school, Pattinson portrays the film's main character, whose main on-screen romance is with writer Federico García Lorca.

This might not be the Robert Pattinson sex scene you've been waiting for, but watch the following clip from Little Ashes and appreciate the actor's versatility:

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Okay enough of all the PC fronting, it was interesting to see not only a guy getting screwed but a guy screwing his career this early on- soooooo not sexy! I'm not sure seeing a nude scene with R.P. makes up for the fact that it is with another guy. Okay, I get it they arent really gay but cmon, gross!


Yeah! Great scene. I´m lookin forward to this movie - but its still unsure, when its going to arive the german cinemas. -.-
I think it was really very courageous from him to act a role like this. He´s just great - no matter what he acts.


YES! YES YES YES! Gay love & Robert Pattinson. He's a wonderful man.


nooo!!!! ur my husband!! lol nd eww


Honestly. Thats serisouly Hot ;)


Wow. That was, well i have to be honest, disturbing. But way to go Rob! Must have taken alot to potray a role of a gay guy.


Oh My Goodness. I applaud Rob completely. It takes a lot of guts to portray a homosexual role when you're straight. I must say that this sets him apart. I believe that his versitility will bring him to the top! :) Watch out Brad Pitt! There's a new hottie waiting for the Oscar!! :)


I just watched it again and yup, I LOVE IT!!!! I absolutely love it! I have got to go see this~it's not playing in our theatres down here in the good ol' south of GA, but I honestly think that's the most sexy thing I've ever seen. The way in which these actors poured themeselves into this is superb in my eyes~again, great job! (And, Robert~I love the timidness you bring to this,yet with such earnest passion! Oh self!) Whew, you two ROCK!
I wish I could sit down and ask Robert, one on one, without anyone spewing his words all over the place, how that was like, for real.... LOVE YOU!


Wow! I'm not certain, but something about that seems so overtly sexy to me! I mean, that's freakin' intense you guys! Granted, while I view this strictly from a movie perspective of these two men's lives, I must admit when Robert was on the bottom there, I kinda wanted to jump in the middle. LOL.
In more ways than one. (sorry...just being honest.) Ok, but seriously: I loved how both actors threw themselves into this~it really is good. You could sense the awkwardness and all, but that's the way it was supposed to be portrayed. But, the sheer heat of the passion that exudes off of them would make one think that they both really were in tormoil over thier desire and need of each other, their exploration of each other and coming to know one another in this intense and personal way~so, in that light: Bravo! Excellent job guys! My Gawd, now I need to see more (what does that say of me? LOL.):-) Cheers

Avatar are soooo amazing !! A slightly bit disturbing watching him with a guy, but its just for the movies !! (we hope). Definatly better with Kristen in the Twilight saga !! But any how you rock xx