Robert Pattinson: Breaking (Dawn) News!

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Twilight only recently came out on DVD.

New Moon won't hit theaters until November.

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There's no release date set for Eclipse.

Still, Robert Pattinson told The Hollywood Reporter this week that plans are already underway to bring the fourth book in Stephenie Meyer's vampire series, Breaking Dawn, to the big screen.

The final installment of this franchise - spoiler alert! - focuses on the marriage between Edward and Bella, as well as the latter's pregnancy.

Regarding the film adaptation of New Moon, Pattinson said the movie beefs up his character's role (in the book, after all, Edward is just a voice in Bella's head).

"You're playing a figment in Bella's imagination so I was trying to do it in a 2-D way. I hope it doesn't translate onscreen as being boring," the actor said.

We're sure female readers can agree: based on gorgeous Robert Pattinson pictures, nothing this star does can be boring.


He leído los libros de 4 veces!!
Lo siento si escribo mal el Inglés
im triying mor de hablar o no sea el Inglés
.... y amo a Robert y soy super admiradora de crepusculooo!
Quisiera que vieniera a mexico
vinieron solas pero Kristen y el otro tipo de Taylor!
me entendieron?? Y que ojala alguien sepa español


Robert is sexyyyyyyyyy ........


the book was not that great to talk about, it was fifty fifty but i wish the movie is better.


ok i am sooooooo excited for breaking sawn to like alot more than anyone here but does anybody know that robert pattinson might not(prob not) be in it!? they r probably putting zac efron and all his ugliness in insetad and they just CANT DO THAT!!!!!!!!! EVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!!!


Dear Robert i am one your biggest fans. I thinks that you do a wonderful job i loves watching you on the twilight movie i love the movie so much and i can't for the new one to come out on dvd and when it comes out i am going to get it. i would like to see you in person and i think that you are so cute.


i love you rob... you are my drug


i think that stephanie needs to make a series where jacob tells the story about him and renesmees future and maybe them battleing the volturi or even meeting the ancient werewolves or something. It would be cool to recap on how edward and bella are doing and everybody else.


I don't think its gonna be boring at all!! I just think it'll be a little graphic, but I don't really care. It's kinda a cliff-hanger, if you know what I mean, if you see Eclipse and then you don't see Breaking Dawn. It's really suspenseful and you want to know what happens! So, it;s kinda hard NOT to see it.


can i just ask....does robert or anyone important read thease coments cus if you are really important email me on


to any one, can you please reply im getting lonly tlking 2 myself and stephine meyer can you please write another twilight sereis im begging you i would get down on my knees i just dont want it 2 end your such a good writer! lots of love your dearist fan hannah

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