Rihanna to Chris Brown: Get Out My Face!

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Rihanna has yet to speak in public about her split from allegedly violent ex, Chris Brown, but she’s got a mouthful to say in her new song.

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    i think she dierved wat happened to her


    Silly HOLLYWOODGOSSIP. Rihanna has already confirmed that 1) that's not her or Lady Gaga in the song and 2) she's never made a diss song to Chris Brown. Silly people, wishful thinking. It's not going to happen so let it go! Much love Chris Brown.

    Here's you confirmation HOLLYWOODGOSSIP:

    Looks like Kanye West might be the "Silly Boy" everyone's talking about.

    On Tuesday, the "Heartless" artist posted a track on his blog claiming it was a collaboration between Rihanna and Lady Gaga. And with lyrics like "You had a good girl, good girl / But didn't know how to treat her," speculation that the song was a pointed statement about Chris Brown was inevitable.

    However, despite the sound and a bunch of wishful thinking, "Silly Boy" doesn't feature performances by either star.

    "It's indeed a fake," Lady Gaga's rep tells E! News.

    Rihanna's rep also told Us Weekly the vocalist on the track wasn't her.

    Darn. Now, we're just waiting for West's all-caps explanation.


    check this out then




    Chris Brown didnt ruin anybody's career. Thatz whatz wrong with this world and the people in it: Always critiquing someone and you wasn't even there. I'm sure the majority of you have even bigger problems, but gossiping about someone else makes you feel a little bit better about yoursElves for the day. I'm not going to take sides with Chris or Rihanna, all I'm going to continue to do is pray for them and leave the judging for the man above.


    who care!Rihanna sucks anyways..cant wait for the sex tape to come out. She such a lil slut.


    Chris did not ruin both careers. Uh, Rihanna still has her career, if anybody's career is ruined it's his. Who cares about the song anyways, diss songs are made everyday, yall act like she really did someting. Kanye West had something to do with it, and once again, Rihanna can't control her own dealings, somebody else is pulling the strings. In "Heartless", Kanye is dissing the woman from Girlfriends because she dumped him. That is his M O, he is always trying to diss someone, now this. CHris keep your head up, pay no attention to the Haters.


    NOW I know why she went back with him! She was trying to get those pics!! I think he DID leak those pics to get back at her.

    And to think that she took him home to meet granny and the whole family (shaking my head) Chris Brown is a punk and he has ruined BOTH their careers.


    I don't think this song was for Chris Brown from other sites this song is old and futhermore you can't even hear Rihanna vocals on the track. I hope they both take the time and examine what happened and look at who they are surrounding themselves with because they are both being used right now. I won't be surprise if next summer you see these two vacationing in Mexico drinking and laughing at how they had people fooled. This is why they call it Hollywood.


    I like the track but that is not on her voice yet. I would love to hear her on it with GaGa though. That would be hot.

    I so hope she's left that toxic relationship behind. Yuck.

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