Rihanna and Chris Brown: Post-Coital, Pre-Beating Pics

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It seems hard to believe now, but there was a time when Rihanna lay next to boyfriend Chris Brown with a look of satisfaction - as opposed to terror - on her face.

There was a time when the term "banging" between this couple was a synonym for love-making, not face-pummeling.

Rihanna's Rear End?

There was even a time when Chris Brown made Rihanna laugh, not bleed out of numerous orifices as the result of a beating so brutal it made professional boxers wince.

Those days are long gone, of course. But the following photos serve as a reminder of happier times between this pair.

While not as intimate as the recently-discovered Rihanna nude pics, we've uncovered a few shots of the singers from the days of yore. Where did it all go wrong?

From the bedroom to the courtroom: Rihanna will testify as a witness for the prosecution in a preliminary hearing on felony charges against Brown for his alleged assault on her.

So, where did these photos come from? It's unclear. But we know this:

Chris Brown has an album coming out, Chris Brown says he is not a monster and now these pics have surfaced that are meant to show Chris Brown's soft side.

Seems like someone is doing his publication relations homework to us. What a violent phony.


This article is biased. Why would you say some of the things you said. A violent phony?? Really? And you are? These pics are not meant to show anything but a couple in private moments. We have seen numerous pics of these two kissing, smiling and happy well before this upcoming court case. Go back to journalism school and skip the propoganda!


I why is this gossip site still exploiting the incident. Rihanna was bleeding out of every orifice? Why do people so easily destroy other people's lives for the love of money??Or in this case - this is just a damn gossip site - what's the purpose of demonizing Chris when you haven't heard from him what happened that night???American media is garbabe..And Chris and RIhanna were both crazy for messing up such great careers and apparently beautiful relationship


Something not right here , 1.she toke him back after the beatdown, 2. She refused a stay-away order, 3.and her people [lawyer] refused to admit if they are together or ..not ,each time the Press ask about them after the hearing , 4 .but the most stupid and anonying part is that she been linked to every man she know and don't know, I don't know who next for her next week ,the media had make her nothing but turn Her into a whore. Any way good luck cb and riri.


I mean .I doubt those two are over each other..my mistake.....


Hhhmmmm... that so cut, I doubt those two are over each. Riri and cb , good luck.

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