Report: Rielle Hunter Wants Paternity Test

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As if Elizabeth Edwards' book tour - one seemingly designed only to humiliate John Edwards and Rielle Hunter - the former presidential candidate's furious mistress is demanding he submit to a DNA test, according to National Enquirer.

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    Lisa Druck played John Edwards for a sucker AND HE FELL FOR IT LIKE A TON OF BRICKS~ Druck is past 40 and wasn't interested in having children until BIG BUCKS JOHN EDWARDS CAME ALONG AND WAS SUCKED IN BY A SLUT! Now Druck has big sucker John Edwards right where she wants him AND SHE WILL HORN IN ON ELIZABETH'S FAMILY TO TAKE AS MUCH AS SHE WANTS.JOHN WAS SUPER STUPID AND DRUCK IS LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK. SHE WANTS THAT DNA TEST AND SHE WANTS IT NOW!


    Rielle Hunter (aka Lisa Jo Druck/Hunter) had a bit part in a film...she played a trashy whore in the movie 'Overboard' :-) When Goldie Hawn's character gets injured and goes missing, her philandering husband picks up some trashy, slutty women to dance around half naked on his yacht. Wonder if that's where she got her about life imitating art...okay, so maybe not art ;-)


    John and OShrop are absolutely right. How does John Edwards not take most of the responsibility for his actions? He was arrogant enough to cheat on his ailing wife. He should step up to the plate and take the paternity test and be a man and not the weasel he has shown the world he is. The innocent child is the one who gets hurt in the end. And unfortunately, if the child turns out to be his then Elizabeth will have to come to grips that she (the baby) will be a part of John's life if he does the honorable thing and takes part in her life.


    It is amazing to me how all the blame for this affair falls on Rielle Hunter. If Mrs. Edwards wanted all this noise stop all she had to do was not write the book. Here's the simple truth....IT TAKES TWO for a affair to take place. All Mr. Edwards had to do was say NO. Just like most liberals....blame it on the other person. Mr Edwards didn't know what he was doing. He was in a weakened state...Bull...I blame him more then Rielle...He's the whore!


    Elizabeth is using her husband's affair with Rielle to sell copies of her book. How pathetic is that? Elizabeth criticized Hillary for her decision to stand by Bill, yet finds herself in the same position. Don't believe she made the decision for her children's sake -- if she put her children first, she wouldn't have included the affair in her book, and go on a promotional tour to criticize the mother of her children's half sister. John is no prize. He should stand up and be responsible for his youngest daughter.


    Rielle Hunter is a tramp plain and simple. You don't go up to a man and say, "you are so hot" without wanting to get laid! John fell for it and then a child, mayby his. Like Elizabeth said on the Oprah interview that affair and possible child is part of his life, not hers. She is dying of cancer and her children will be without her. She is trying to move forward with what life she has left with her family. There is time later for a DNA test and John to have some kind of relationship with that child if it is his, if he so wishes. Rielle wants to hurt Elizabeth more by demanding the test now. Retalliation for the book being written. Mrs. Edwards has every right to express her feelings. If it gets under Rielle's skin being called a groupie and pathetic, well if the shoe fits wear it!


    Lisa Druck aka Rielle Hunter is 45. Surprising she got pregnant at all.


    check that then


    The Rielle(Real) Hunter is a Gold digger,
    a woman who associates with or marries a man chiefly for material gain.

    As you all continue to discuss Lisa Druke's lastest pay day story from the National Enquirer. I think you all should remember these important
    John and Elizabeth Edwardsa have been married for 31 years.
    They had four children together, three are living, and one, recently, died. Elizabeth Edwards has stage 4 cancer.
    Any decent human being would not have inserted herself
    into their lives, and then sold stories about them to the National Enquiererfor monetary gain.
    Lisa Druke, a.k.a. the Rielle (Real) Hunter fills me with disgust. I hope someday to never hear anything about her again.

    By the way, whose fault is that the Rielle (Real) Hunter does not know who the father of her child is?


    I don't think she is 41.

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