Rielle Hunter to Break Silence, Push For DNA Test

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John Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter, has agreed to a bombshell interview with ABC News' Barbara Walters, according to the National Enquirer.

"Rielle will break her silence for the first time with Barbara Walters. The interview will air on ABC in June," a source told the celeb news magazine.

It was as inevitable, as the reason is obvious: Rielle is pissed that she went out of her way to vanish and protect John Edwards last August, only to have his wife, Elizabeth, bash her repeatedly in a new memoir and in the press.

"Rielle is so angry with Elizabeth Edwards for trashing her repeatedly while promoting her book," says the Enquirer source. "She's decided to break from John. She's going to defend herself and tell her side of the story!"

In deciding to go public with her side of the story - whatever that is - John Edwards' weird mistress was debating between Walters or Diane Sawyer.

"[Rielle Hunter] thinks Barbara will relate to her better because she admitted to a long-ago extramarital affair in her memoirs," the source revealed.

Rielle Hunter, Frances Quinn Hunter

Moreover, sources say Rielle wants a DNA test to legally establish that her 1-year-old daughter, Frances Quinn, is in fact John Edwards' love child.

Last year, when Edwards admitted the affair, he still denied paternity and Hunter insisted that there would be no DNA test. A former Edwards aide, Andrew Young, claimed to be the father and promptly fell off the face of the Earth.

If baby Frances Quinn is the spawn of John Edwards, she could inherit $10 million of his estimated $40 million fortune. The two-time presidential candidate and Elizabeth have an adult daughter, Cate, and two younger children.

The Enquirer says Rielle is working with a lawyer to take legal action.

"Rielle is going to work with an attorney to make sure her baby is entitled to a share of the Edwards' family wealth," a source close to Hunter divulged.

Hunter decided she wanted a paternity test done after the release of Elizabeth Edwards' new book, Resilience, which labels her "pathetic" and worse.


He is the dork for not teaching her to swallow when he came. Dummy.


Прикольно. вот что значет жить в 21 веке :))


I think she's doing what she need's to do..Elizabeth Edwards is pissed cause her Husband ain't nothing but a skirt chaser like Bill Clinton.. Elizabeth and John Left her out to dry pretending like their just perfect angel's and this woman came in and did everything(Why the Hell is John not Guilty!!!!!!!!) ..man save that crap for Oprah! An Look at that Kid and tell me it don't look just Like John...ha ha ha..the other guy could not be this kid's father!!!! No Way!


The skank is pissed because Elizabeth Edwards bashed her? LMAO This woman has the IQ of a cucumber. EE hardly bashed the tramp and could have said waaaaaay more. The only person RH should be pissed at is herself for being a lowlife piece of trash that was willing to be sloppy seconds and slurp up the crumbs of another person's life. She's an idiot! Look in the mirror honey. If your daughter was old enough to understand, she'd be ashamed of you and you know it.


"Rielle thinks Barbara will relate to her better because she admitted to a long-ago extramarital affair in her memoirs," the source revealed. So, I suppose the "source" for this National Enquirer story is, and all the other exclusive
National Enquirer stories on this topic have been none other than:
The Rielle (REAL) Hunter.
"Nice Work if you can get it."


yeah, the child is a spawn of Edwards. Look at her so cute adorable eyes...he does blink like that...when men make msitakes liek this, they end up caught with a mini human being like this...


No wonder Barbara Walters was such a bitch to Elizabeth Edwards on The View. She was sucking up to the mistress who maybe was still wavering.


you have to wonder if Elizabeth Edwards could have letit go would it not have gone better. Stupid

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