Report: Kate Gosselin is Also a Cheater

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Seriously, who would have guessed that the most sordid, convoluted story about adultery these days would be swirling around the parents of eight children?

Following a week that spotlighted Jon Gosselin's alleged cheating ways, Star Magazine says it's discovered the reason why one half of the couple in the title for Jon & Kate Plus 8 had an affair with Deanna Hummel:

Because his wife cheated on him first!

"I heard Kate was getting way too close with her personal trainer, so Jon started cheating," Trisha Berlin, a fellow Pennsylvania resident, told Star, adding that Kate has also being linked to her hunky bodyguard, known as "Mr. Gray" to bloggers and pictured here.

Another source told the tabloid that "Jon goes out to meet other women because Kate has given him the cold shoulder," which is evident to anyone that watches their reality show.

Last week, Kate addressed the scandal during an interview on the Today show, stating: "We just need to weather this storm, just like all the other storms that we've been through."

Hmm... might she have been referring to her own disloyal ways? Discuss!

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ok, let me see if i got this straight...
the proof is out there somewhere, right.
for the sake of those eight beautiful, sweet little children, mommy tosses some crappy pictures into a crappy book for some crappy money, so mommy can spend more time with the eight little faces but less time with baby daddy times eight. oh, ya...there is the cook book coming out soon.
that means more time with mr. grey.
(he just wouldn't stop beathing!!)
kate, mr. grey, jon, babe plus eight