Report: Jon and Kate Gosselin Set Divorce Date

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The following is great news for Kate Gosselin. She'll soon be able to write a book titled Love Is in No Longer in the Mix: How to Recover from a Failed Marriage Via a Series of Book Signings.

According to The National Enquirer, the marriage between Kate and her husband is over. A divorce is imminent.

Kate Gosselin, Runner

“Jon said their goal is to be legally separated by July 15 because Kate wants to move on quickly,” a source said. "Jon is going to push for half of their money, but Kate is determined to hang on to as much as she can - and they’re worth more than you think.”

How much more?

The couple allegedly earned between $50-75,000 per episode of their show, while Kate takes in approximately $20,000 per speaking engagement. Moreover, let's not forget the hordes of free items that TLC has handed out to the family.

“Needless to say, there’s a small fortune at stake here, easily $10 million,” said an insider “And Jon and Kate will be fighting over it like cats and dogs!”

Or, to be accurate: Jon will be sitting quietly, stewing over the cash; while Kate will continually nag him about being greedy and lazy.

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Good for Kate wanting to move on with her life. Jon should get out of the lime light, go back to obscurity and leave empty handed. After all, isn't he the one that claims he never wanted any of this?


I think that is the first date that they are eligible for divorce in PA. You have to live apart for six months before you can file for divorce and Jon allegedly moved out the first of February. I wonder how they are going to handle the trips to Korea, China and Africa with them split.


I think it's so sad when we who have watched and grown with this family from the beginning they started airing the broadcasts can even begin to attack them. I agree with the last one who posted---let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I don't know any marriage that hasn't been tested to the max. I can't imagine having twins, then sextuplets, plus fame and money added to the mix to try me and my new marriage. How dare any of us judge them! Let's pray for them and hope they can find whatever it takes to stay together for each other and the kid's sake. We all know that the kids need both their mother and their father. After all, they did fall in love and agree to have the children in the first place, even though they got more than they bargained for! God bless and keep them!


I'd like to marry you Kate, let your divorce day come.


I have to say I agree with Kate! I have a husband that acts the same way a Jon . She is not a mean person ,she is trying to lead him in the wright direction,for the sake of there children.Men need our guidence,cuz they act first then think later! Jon agreed on having these children so he needs to grow up n stop going out to get drunk! You dont see Kate going out n getting drunk.I have Five children n I am 31 years old, I m stressed to !But my children come first! You give that right up to have a good time when you decide to have children,Does he want to be a father or not ? And does he really think all these women want him ! not !!! they want his money! Remember Kates been there since hes had nothing to offer!


He who is without sin may cast the first stone..........


Matchmaker says these two will not stay together.
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Jon is a real PRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I truly hope they will both step away from all the hoopla and work very hard with a Christian counselor to save their marriage. If it cannot be saved, I hope Jon gets the children, because, no matter what she says now about sharing them, believe me, she won't if she gets custody!


I love this show and I can't help but wonder how much of the "gossip" written is true....we all know how the tabloids love to stretch the truth...AFTER ALL that is how THEY make their MILLIONS!!! I hope Jon and Kate make it through this trying time!!!

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