Presenting: The Official New Moon Trailer

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It's here.

Fans may need to wait until November 20 before they can purchase a ticket to New Moon, but MTV aired the first official trailer for the sequel to Twilight at that network's 2009 Movie Awards.

Below, get a sneak peek at: a birthday party, the world's most dangerous paper cut, a vicious vampire fight, Taylor Lautner shirtless and Edward speaking the following words to Bella:

This is the last time you will ever see me.

Eddie, please say that isn't so...

Do you like the New Moon trailer?


It's so unfair :(
I Have to wait until January next year to see the movie cause I live in Germany :(
But the trailer is great I can't wait for the movie.


i cant believe she dropped her award at the 2009 mtv movie awards haha
that sucks
i cant wait for the movie though


OMG!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!