Paris Hilton Testifies About Googling Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton is not smart.

Not exactly breaking news, but wait until you hear this latest evidence.

The 28-year-old ho-tel heiress is being sued for $8 million for failing to promote her 2006 comedy, Pledge This! At a pre-trial hearing in Miami on Thursday, Hilton was grilled by attorneys on whether keeps a diary for business meetings.

"I just press my name and Google it and see," was her response.

Asked by lawyers about receiving calls from producers, the socialite and new Guess model replied: "With my cellphone, I never know, because I lose it all the time ... I probably get a new cellphone, like, every two weeks."

Don't we all. The technology is always improving!

When shown a copy of her cell phone bill by a lawyer and asked if was indeed hers, Paris Hilton replied: "I've never seen a phone bill of mine in my life."

Doug Reinhardt is not dating her for her brains, looks or personality, people.

Asked what her responsibilities were as executive producer, she said, "I'm not sure what a producer does, but - I don't know, help get cool people in the cast?"

Hilton, who also revealed that she earns at least $11 million a year, thus disproving any alleged link between wealth and intelligence, claims she adequately honored her deal to promote the film by plugging it around the clock.

"Any chance I got, any red carpet, any press, even if I was doing something for another product... I would just bring it up, 'Oh, my new sorority film, it is going to be sexy, it's going to be really hot girls,'" Hilton testified.

"Like, I really, you know, did my best."

Like, we're sure you did. We Googled it, even.

A lawyer for Hilton, Michael Weinstein, said investors made unreasonable, last-minute demands for publicity events because the heiress' schedule is always fully booked, arguing: "She's the single busiest person on the planet."

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Um...if she is so busy, why are there always pictures of her with her boyfriend traveling the globe, partying and even renting hotel rooms so that she can play dress up and stand out on the balcony for the paps to take her pic. Lauren Bacall is totally right when she says that Hollywood is full of useless no talent individuals. Google this Paris...U SUCK AND ARE THE ZSA ZSA GABOR OF THIS GENERATION.


Who is going to believe that Paris failed to promote something with her name in it.
SHe is the queen of promotion. It's just a bunch of bankruptcy lawyers trying to shake her down for $$$$ as usual. But it's not Paris Hilton's fault the guy let his company go belly up.