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Casey Aldridge, boyfriend of Jamie Lynn Spears and father to her 10-month-old baby, has been released from a Mississippi hospital, just five days after flipping over in his pickup truck while partying with friends at a late-night bachelor party.

"Casey got home today, and he's doing well," a source tells People. "He'll have to rest for the next few weeks. He's still got a headache, but everything looks good."

Aldridge, who celebrated his 20th birthday Thursday, was taken to a small, rural hospital in Vidalia, La., and later transferred to the larger University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, where he spent time in the ICU.

He suffered a head injury that, while significant, ultimately required no surgery and apparently caused no permanent damage, the source says.

Jamie Lynn Spears has been at his side since the incident, even riding in the ambulance with Aldridge on the way to the Mississippi hospital.

"They're both at the house in Liberty (Miss.)," the source says. Spears' mother, Lynne, has been keeping the couple's baby, Maddie Briann, "for most of the time during this whole episode, but I guess the baby will be going back home."

"Now Jamie Lynn will have two babies to care for."

Casey Aldridge had been attending a bachelor party for one of his cousins who is getting married next week. He is the best man, "but I don't know if he'll be up to that or not. We'll just have to wait and see," the source says.

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The world may have just discovered Susan Boyle last month.

But those that attended a local talent show in Scotland - in 1984 - have known about this singer's vocal chops for the last 25 years.

Some dude named Gerry McGuinness, who was in the audience that night at Motherwell Football Club's social club, has uncovered a tape of the Britain's Got Talent contestant singing "The Way We Were."

"She was so shy, but she was also very attractive back then. She turned a few heads when she came in," he said. "It's great she is finally getting some recognition."

McGuinness added that Boyle actually did not win the contest that year. Will the same upset take place on Britain's Got Talent?

Yes, if Hollie Steel has her way!

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Having vacationed there for most of this year so far, Amy Winehouse may be looking to stay in St. Lucia for good, according to recent reports.

The troubled singer has been a fixture on the Caribbean island as she tries to escape her chaotic and often drug fuelled life in London.

The result? A vacation album for all time.

The Sun (UK) claims she is having so much fun, she now wants to make the move permanent by buying property on the holiday isle.

A source told them: “Amy is fed up with all the stress and trauma that comes with being in London... She has made so many friends in St. Lucia and says it feels like home. When she returned to the UK in March she felt like a total outsider.”

Wino Photo

Amy Winehouse partakes in water sports in St. Lucia.

Amy was recently joined in St. Lucia by her father, Mitch Winehouse. The two have been scoping out properties, looking for the best fit for her.

This move is for the best. With Blake Fielder-Civil dating Francesca Morralee and knocking up Gilleen Morris, there's little for her back home.

Sadly, an extended stay on the island means there's no chance of Amy delivering a third album soon, but we abandoned hope of that long ago anyway, and if Lost has taught us anything, it's that when destiny calls, you must heed.

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Jon Gosselin stands accused of cheating on his grating wife, Kate.

But that's not the case says Pat Fagan, a man that ought to know pretty well: he was the bouncer at Legends Lounge during the night when Jon was spotted with another woman.

Back in Hawaii

"They seemed like casual friends," Fagan told People. "There was no romantic anything. They weren't gazing into each other eyes."

Jon Gosselin has eight adorable reasons - and one annoying reason - to need a break once and awhile.

Then there's this testimony from Dustin Sands, a family friend that has known Gosselin for nearly two decades. He says that his pal just needs the occasional downtime from raising eight kids, while also having his every move chronicled on TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8.

"The guy just needs to be cut some slack once in while when he wants to relax a bit," said Sands.

On Wednesday, Gosselin apologized for showing poor judgment, insisting that staying out so late may have been disrespectful to his family, but that he's a loyal, dedicated husband and father.

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Welcome to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest - the 80th edition of our Friday afternoon tradition! Who won this week's edition of the Caption Contest?

When Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag walk around in surgical masks, they make it pretty easy to come up with good material, and you didn't disappoint.

This week's winner is CJ. Congrats! The winning entry appears below. Thanks so much to all of you for playing and best of luck again in this week's contest!

Fearing Swine Flu

Now if they could only get a mask that could actually prevent Heidi from singing.

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The evening before the exciting gossip broke that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are officially expecting twin girls via a surrogate mother, the actress sure looked like a mom-to-be: glowing and forgoing those famous cosmos.

"She was in such a great mood, so sweet to everyone and so happy," says a guest who attended the party at 675 Bar for Broderick's film, Wonderful World.

"They were tucked into a corner throughout the night. He drank martinis and she drank water. They were really loving and adoring. She did look beautiful."

The actress has been ready for more children for a long time.

"They've always wanted to become parents again," says a source who has known the couple for years. "They realized after the first or second year after [son James Wilkie, now six] was born that it would be nice to have another baby."

While "they've always talked about [more] kids, it just wasn't happening," says a pal, as Parker "had difficulty getting pregnant. So they went the surrogate route."

Friends say the couple just loves being parents.

"They are great parents," says a source. "They have a good time with their son. Matthew is very hands-on. He loves to get on the floor and play with James. He's a kid himself so he loves to act like one. And James, of course, loves it."

So how is Sarah Jessica Parker preparing for two baby girls? This week, she stepped out to do a little shopping at the Manhattan toy store, Kidding Around.

Nothing like retail therapy... or celebration. For a look at cute twins that were just born, check out the new sons of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller!

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With Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and others putting on such stellar eighth season performances on American Idol, the presence of new judge Kara DioGuardi has almost gone unnoticed.

In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine, the songwriter even admits this may be her only experience on the show.

“I’m only here for one season,” DioGuardi said. “That’s what we’ve discussed. So we’ll see what happens.”

Given the choice, Kara would stick around for awhile on Idol.

“My life has become extremely exciting and I am so excited for this opportunity. I feel grateful to America that they let me grow and they let me find my groove on the show and that they were patient. And hopefully I haven’t disappointed them. It’s been a scary experience at times.”

Do you wanna see DioGuardi as a judge beyond this season?


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When it comes to our favorite celebrity quotes of the year, it will be hard pressed for anyone to overcome Lil Wayne's take on safe sex.

But washed-up, plastic actress Lisa Rinna is giving it a try!

Lisa Rinna Book

Earlier this week, when asked about swine flu by Entertainment Tonight, Rinna replied:

"I believe we all, except for myself, had the swine flu at our house. How do you know it's the swine flu? I don't know but we had all the symptoms. We had it before it came out. I'm serious. I'm dead serious. We had it at our house, I believe, and everyone is fine."

In other words: a couple members of Rinna's family had a high temperature a few weeks ago.

But, hey, when you haven't starred on a show in years, and when you look like this naked, you'll use any incident you can find to grab headlines.

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Bar Refaeli pictures (usually in bikinis) have become a staple on the cover and inside the pages of Sports Illustrated. Now the model is raising the bar (sorry) and designing the perfect little black bikini for the sportswear brand Hurley.

“I am obsessed with finding the perfect little black bikini,” the Israeli native, 23, says. “[I am] always searching for a timeless, sexy swimsuit with the best fit. I have never been able to find the perfect bikini, until now.”

Rihanna in Vogue

BAR NONE: Refaeli is making a case that she's the undisputed queen of bikini photos. Okay, you could also make a case for Marisa Miller bikini pics. Tough call, though.

Even better? Not only can you enjoy ogling these Bar Refaeli bikini photos, but you can feel good about yourself, rather than guilty, while doing so!

A portion of proceeds from the bikini sales is going to Boarding For Breast Cancer, a non-profit, education, awareness, and fundraising foundation.

Bar’s Little Black Bikini retails for $120. You may not have a body like hers, but you can still support a good cause. Click to enlarge more pics:

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Brittny Gastineau has a message for celebrity gossip lovers:

Prepare for the cutest babies in the history of the world!

All Three Sisters

The socialite, who starred in E!'s Gastineau Girls, told Us Weekly that good friend Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Reggie Bush have wedding bells and dirty diapers in their future.

"I think Kim and Reggie are definitely going to get married and have babies," Gastineau said at a club opening yesterday. "They’re going to have the cutest babies ever. They really are."

Ouch, Honor Marie. Pretend you didn't hear that.

So, which side of the couple will these adorable children look like? Gastineau said it won't matter.

"They both have very similar smiles. Their kid is going to have a million-dollar smile."

Hmmm, only one million dollars?!? Based on the financial background of Brittny's family, sounds like she's actually insulting Kim's future baby with that comment.

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