Olivia Wilde Pictures in GQ: Not Unhot!

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When Olivia Wilde was named the world's most beautiful woman by Maxim, we had our doubts.

After all, we've seen Marisa Miller pictures. We've spent hours drooling over Megan Fox photos. We've had to have Brooklyn Decker images surgically removed from our hands.

Wilde is very pretty and all, but the world is a big place. It seemed like an undeserved honor.

Our overall opinion hasn't changed, but this photo spread of the House star definitely helps her cause. No offense, Shawn Johnson. But you're no longer the cutest gymnast on TV...

Gorgeous Gymnast
Reaching for the Stars
A Sexy Stretch
Olivia Wilde, GQ
Gone Wilde
GQ Image

Click on the Olivia Wilde photos above to enlarge, and truly appreciate, this beauty.


She's cute but she looks like the average girl. Most of her pictures her face is at an angle or she doing weird poses where the focus is not on her face.


No one said anything about her boobs ? Slightly touchy are we?


Freakin' TYPICAL g-damned MEN-what, you can't BELIEVE a woman with SMALLER boobs can be ranked as the HOTTEST!!! F*CK-YOU!! You probably are all a bunch of hairy, fat-a@@ed c*ck-heads who wouldn't know a real woman if she sat in your lap, if she had room, that is!!! You s*ck!!! And small t*ts are JUST AS HOT as BIG ones!!!


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