Oksana Grigorieva: Pregnant with Mel Gibson's Love Child?

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During a week that's already seen the leaking of Carrie Prejean lingerie pics; a cat fight between Jayde Nicole and Audrina Patridge; and a possible Deanna Hummel sex tape, might the following be the most sordid story of all?

According to The National Enquirer, there's a reason why Mel Gibson's wife filed for divorce last month after 28 years of marriage: the actor's mistress, Oksana Grigorieva, is pregnant.

The tabloid - which, remember, was the first to report on John Edwards' affair with Rielle Hunter - claims Gibson's children were stunned by the news, as his two oldest sons - 26-year-old twins Edward and Christian - will hire an attorney to protect their trust funds.

"In late April, Mel gathered his children at the family home in Malibu and broke the news that Oksana is pregnant, and he expects them to accept the baby as a new sibling," a friend told the newspaper. "They are quite upset... they're furious with him and say they're going to take steps to protect their inheritance, which they feel is in jeopardy."

Wow. Looks like Oksana has more in common with Octomom than just a similar face!

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God is sad!


How ironic that she probably got pregnant because he doesn't believe in birth control! He is a real gem. Robynn - you are better off without the jerk. Take the kids and the money and run.


Hah! Even before I read the last line of the article, I was thinking this tramp looks like the octo-mom! Oh..we shouldn't call her a tramp anymore than him! Shame on Mel - any respect I had for him as a man, a Catholic, an actor have flown out the window!




Mel is a LOSER CHEATER PATHETIC DISQUSTING GARBAGE JERK PIG!! Glad your wife kicked you to the curb and filed for divorce-SMART woman and your twin boys-PROTECT YOURSELVES!!


Only thing really shocking is that he raised his twin boys to feel so self-entitled. Any child that their father has is as much an heir as they are. Greedy boys!!

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